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Manabadi YVU Degree Supply Results 2017 -2018 Declared 1st-2nd-3rd Year @ www.yogivemanauniversity.a

By Manabadiresults2018    2 / Jul / 2017    In Category Education


Manabadi  YVU Degree Supply Results 2017-2018 Declared 1st-2nd-3rd Year @


YVU Degree Supply Results 2017  :  Yogi Vemana University (YVU) released Degree Supply Results 2017 today  nowcheck here Manabadi YVU Degree Supply Results 2

ISRO successfully launches its GSAT-17 satellite from French Guiana

By Mayank77    2 / Jul / 2017    In Category Technology


India’s GSAT-17 communication satellite was successfully launched into orbit Thursday by a heavy lift rocket of Arianespace carrying communication payloads in Normal C-band, Extended C-band and S-band from the spaceport of Kourou in French Guiana.

After its lift-off at 0229 hrs (2:29 am) IST and a flight lastin

GST launched in India

By Mayank77    2 / Jul / 2017    In Category Business


The goods and services tax (GST) was launched at the stroke of the midnight hour on Saturday. The tax reform was launched by President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a midnight ceremony in Parliament’s historic Central

What are minorities?

By Arunmohan    2 / Jul / 2017    In Category Writing and Speaking

What are minorities?

A minority is a group of people, which differ from the majority of the population in certain features. These features can be different origin, language, skin colour, religion, or different behavior or appearance. Minorities are frequently subject to prejudices; they are excluded by society and ar

What is the Nobel peace prize?

By Arunmohan    2 / Jul / 2017    In Category Writing and Speaking

The Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, wrote in his will that awards should be given every year to people, who ‘in the previous year have done the greatest good for mankind’. These prizes are named after Alfred Nobel and are awarded for path-breaking achievements in the fields of medicine

How can we campaign for education and freedom

By Arunmohan    2 / Jul / 2017    In Category Education


Martin Luther King: ‘I have a dream!’

In USA in the 1950s, Martin Luther King (1929 - 1968) fought for the rights of the black population, which was discriminated in a number of ways. For instance, the blacks had to sit in the rear seats in buses and, if no seats were vacant, they had to give up their sea

Positive Aspects Of Litigation Attorneys

By Logiclix    1 / Jul / 2017    In Category Legal

The definition of litigation, in layman terms, is the procedure of channeling a lawsuit through the proper legal process. Many people are of the opinion that by not hiring a lawyer they can save a lot of money. However a lawsuit is a complicated matter and not hiring a quality litigation attorney can become stressful. A lot of

How To Find Finest Real Estate Lawyer

By Logiclix    1 / Jul / 2017    In Category Legal

You might be a landowner or a homeowner and you would like to sell or buy a house. Then it is advisable to consider hiring real estate lawyers in Mexico. These law experts are qualified to deal with related issues concerning rights and serv

How to lose weight?

By Xcodelife    1 / Jul / 2017    In Category Health and Fitness

Weight Loss Tips - It is not a myth – women really are better than men at multitasking, according to the paper in the journal BMC Psychology.

Switching different roles and by giving a balancing act can really be stressful, which leads to balancing work with a healthy diet a challenge. Working women gain more we

How to Check iPhone Data Usage [Easy Way]

By Mirchitech    1 / Jul / 2017    In Category Technology

Are you looking for simplest way to check your iPhone Data Usage with app and without app than you have landed on a perfect post because at MirchiTech, We strongly believe in straight forward point to point solutions for all our lovely audience.


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