wes verification

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WES is an international organization intended to verify the educational certificates of emigrants. WES is an abbreviation of World Education services, it is completely a non-profit organization. WES is primarily focuses on serving emigrants by providing WES verification to their educational documents. The fundamental reason behind this WES verification is for obtaining permanent residential status from the destination immigration department. Today, this WES test is mandatory for migrating into US and Canada, so WES is necessary for relocating into both of these two countries. WES association has their own official site for giving all directions to their candidates. All methods of WES verification is completely processed through the official website of WES. The eligibility for applying WES verification is Bachelor Degree. U.S, Canada and Australia governments use this WES accreditation for recognizing emigrants educational certificates. Applicants must register their personal and educational information to the WES website. After reviewing the all these details the responsible WES authority will give a reference number to the applicant.

Some of the major documents which required for this WES verification are listed below.

  • Degree certificate
  • All semester mark sheet
  • Passport copy   
  • WES form
  • WES Reference Number
  • 2 Passport size photo

All these above mentioned requirements are necessary for applying WES verification. We need to send all these required documents to WES organization. And they will check all these submitted documents before providing confirmation. After the verification process, it will send to US or Canada by mail or sealed envelope. WES association enhances worldwide communication and global mobility by advocating and assessing the educational eligibility of the emigrants. WES will improve the realness of the emigrants educational certificate. . Today, the WES test is compulsory for moving to these two nations US and Canada. So every emigrant must take WES inspection before you apply for getting a permanent residence status from any of these two countries. In future, WES will become mandatory in more nations. By gaining WES accreditation, immigrants can use their educational certificates everywhere in the destination fields. In coming years, WES confirmation will be required in more countries.