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school playground equipment

By Popcornfurniture    4 / Jan / 2018    In Category Business

Popcorn Furniture has been a pioneer in the School playground equipment industry from last 15 years. It has wealthy innovative design and engineering that moves play forward with top-of-the-line playgrounds. Our products have been tested by the utmost energetic and vigorously active students from all around the country. Our furniture is totally protected and comply to all set international safety standards. Also We are India’s only dealer who dispense furniture for the entire k 12 segment. We help schools, parks, learning centers and all other organizations enhance childhood through play. We believe in school playgrounds. Our School playground equipments, site furnishings, and amenities are build up from the best quality materials and are endorsed by the industry’s best warranty and customer service. All our furniture are attractive, rich and colorful to the children, but are also absolutely secure. They are stable and can last a long time, even in the hands of our tiny devils and tricksters.

Playgrounds are the primary place where children start to develop social skills, and they are the backdrop for imaginative play. The playground is where children receive helpful lessons about teamwork, trust, patience. Furthermore, a well-designed school playground equipment admits teachers to broaden their classroom and physical education activities for a creative approach to learning.

School playground equipment must be playful as well as strong and reliable for students of Kindergarten or Nursery, since the playgrounds are generally meant to be the fun places for children where they can develop social skills while playing. Therefore, the only constraint while choosing the playground equipment is that it should not have sharp edges and gaps in order to prevent injuries to small children.

All the furniture come in packed form and can be easily transported to any location. This grants for effortless shipping and transporting to any location. They come with easy instruction manual that allows for easy and fast assembly of the furniture.

It is these qualities that have over 2000 Popcorn products in over 5000 schools all over India. These include some of the most respected names in school education like DPS Chain, Ambience School, Step by Step, American School, British School and Lotus Valley Group to name a few. Popcorn Playgrounds are being used by reputed builders like DLF, Emaar, BPTP, Tata Group and Vatika Group.

Popcorn furniture is also highly acclaimed and praised over its years. We won the prestigious best school furniture in India Award during the 2013 IDA awards and also the excellence in innovation of learning space at the 2015 IDA award, making it one of the most decorated companies in the country.

Popcorn furniture, India’s one and only outlet that exports furniture for all types of schools and colleges. It is also India’s largest school desk manufacturers. Student Desks are important part of school. More children will be inclined to it only when the desk is comfortable. Elect desks which can be easily moved from one place to another place because long desks are out of trend nowadays and moreover the class can be shifted with time and in special cases. The most important part of Student desk is for Book storage. Any desk should be durable enough to bear the weight of books and also should be good-looking and functional enough.

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