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By Popcornfurniture    30 / Jan / 2018    In Category Business

Buying furniture can be a tricky task. There are so many variety to choose from and so many restrictions and conditions that we have to keep in mind. But it is harder when you have to choose school furniture. Here is introducing Popcorn furniture, India’s one and only outlet that provide furniture for all types of schools and colleges.


Popcorn furniture is India’s largest school furniture dealer. And we have had that place for the last 14 years. Our products have been tested and roughed up by the most energetic and hyperactive of students from all around the country. We also provide preschool classroom furniture that is suitable for our tiny toddlers. Our furniture is completely safe and adheres to all set international safety standards. We are also India’s only dealer who provides furniture for the entire k 12 segment. We deal in all kinds of school furniture like kinder garden furniture, classroom furniture, school tables and chairs and other educational furniture. All our furniture are colorful and attractive to the children, but are also completely safe and secure.They are stable and can last a long time, even in the hands of our tiny devils and tricksters. Our main clients include some of the leading schools and educational groups in the country, including the Delhi Public School, the American School, the Step by step chain, Aditya Birla schools, Lotus valley, Amity group, Kangaroo Kids etc among others. We have also sold our furniture to other industries and reputed builders like DLF, Tata, Vatika, Orris and Emaar.

All our furniture come in knocked down form and can be easily transported to wherever you are. This allows for easier shipping and transporting no matter where you are. They come with easy instruction manual that allows for easy and fast assembly of the furniture. We also have structures for playgrounds, computer labs, gymnasium, canteen etc.

Popcorn furniture is also highly acclaimed and praised over its years. We won the prestigious best school furniture in India Award during the 2013 IDA awards and also the excellence in innovation of learning space at the 2015 IDA award, making it one of the most decorated companies in the country. All our products adheres to the EN 1176 safety standards and are completely safe for use by children. Popcorn furniture has already sold to more than 3500 schools in India and abroad. It is no wonder that we have continued to be the top dealer in children’s school and preschool furniture and equipment even after stiff competition from others. So if you are looking for a dealer of safe and quality school equipment for your school and playground, then look no further. When you buy from us, you can be safe and assured about the quality and the performance of the product.



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