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Begin a new life of change. Have you thought what a new “you” would look like, a totally new dimension to your human self. Explore the Sultan Bahu books in Punjabi , English and Persian it’s a very easy way to accessing spirituality with mere books reading. Further, why not enjoy exploring the Sufi music kalam e bahoo mp3 free download and Sultan Bahu Videos. For a limited time you can also submit your favourite articles and sites in submit article , submit url or Submit press release in the high DA google site.





Sultan Bahu – The Sufi Poet

Hazrat Sultan Bahu is known for his incredible contributions to Sufism literature and the sufi poetry “ kalambahu ” which can be listened to on youtube – a social media platform. The living shrine of the great Sufi saint is in Punjab, Pakistan. The Sultan Bahu’s Shrine is a place for all to visit and there are no barriers whether someone is religious or otherwise. It’s a place for contemplation, total peace and home to spirituality.


What’s Spirituality?

Spirituality is not separate from the human self. It can be considered as an extra layer/dimension to the already present human self.

For example, a jeweller polish’s gems and gold to attain the true worth and its value from customers and similar to that a polished human person can be considered a Sufi. In simplistic terms a Sufi nourishes his human ability i.e spiritual self.

The human organs just need awakening to the truth present within with some simple daily efforts. That awakening is termed as spiritual awakening i.e from the organs comes into being greater spiritual forms of those human organs.


How to become spiritual or attain higher spiritualness?

The Sultan Bahu books in Punjabi , English and originally in Persian can be read to attain more spiritualness. The mere reading of the books has been proven to provide spiritual awakening for people of all backgrounds. The condition is taking time out everyday for the persistent reading of the books some time day and night. The result of the books reading is dependent on the person’s keenness and on reading time in everyday.


The books reading of sultan bahu have an extra ordinary impact on the human self. The books effect can be understood in two ways:


First effect is on the mind where the reading bestows on the reader new spiritual words book meanings and broadens the seekers understanding for spirituality and second effect is on the heart and soul where it enlightens the heart and the soul. Further, the persistent book readings attain the spiritual attention of the author sultan bahu’s soul hence at sudden with authors attention the person gets spiritually enlightened.







Shrine of Sultan Bahu

Who are Sultan Bahu?


Sultan Bahu belong to the SarwariQadri Sufi Order which is the highest form of spiritual sufi order. The literary works of the sufi sultan bahu outline the meditations, spiritual practices and teaching found in the Sarwari Order in much details. Sultan Bahu never visited any school or madrasah to attain knowledge/education. The Sultan Bahu’s mother Mai Rastiwas a blessed lady and she was also the first teacher for the young Bahu even though he had born in world with extra special spiritual abilities unlike an ordinary being.


Many stories are associated with the spiritual fame of sultan bahu in his early teens as well as in adulthood. Like the teachings of the sufi order bahu lived a life free of pomp and fame.

Among the books /‎Literary works of sultan bahu are mostly famously the book’s Noor ul Huda Qalan ,RisalaRoohi Sharif , Ain ulFaqar and many more.


In one of his books “ Noorul Huda Qalan “ sultan bahu states :


“That person, who will keep on studying this book day and night with absolute sincerity, certainty and conviction, will become aware of the mysteries of lord. He will not need the teaching and instruction of a physically existing spiritual guide. This book is a means to provide the cognition of Allah. In addition, it grants the honour of hazoori (being present in front of God) and acts like a means unto the spiritual gathering of Hazrat Muhammad the chosen one. Its reader becomes guide of the creatures and the one, who is clean inward. But! The seeker studying the book must be truthful in attachment, bashful and obedient.


This is such a book that if someone does not get control of [outwardly] cash and kind and [inwardly] wealth and assets by means of the entire treasures of the knowledge and wisdom, that is the knowledge of the alchemyElixir[ and knowledge ofAbbreviation], he will be responsible for his ruination by poverty and hunger, troubles of multifarious decadence [and downfall] by misery and suffering, distressed conditions, destitution and begging from door to door! “



Hazrat Sultan Bahu have written over 100+ books however to date about 30 books of sultan bahu have been discovered and with hard efforts collected, compiled and translated to more languages from the original Persian language except for the Book “Kalam e Bahu” that’s the poetry book written by the saint on spirituality and human self. The “ kalam e bahoo mp3 free download ” is much popular among the followers of sultan bahu who really enjoy listening to Sultan Bahu’s poetry in the melodious voice of singers.


The shrine of the saint can be watched in the Sultan Bahu Videos section among many other sufi shrines can be watched in the videos and the chance to listen to documentary’s in urdu for lot’s sufi spiritual personality’s. More amazing spiritual content in likeness of Drama’s and Famous Movies on Spirituality can be watched.



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