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bike racks & rails installation guidelines

By Kingsbicycleparkinga    11 / Feb / 2019    In Category Business

It is not only necessary to have bike racks & rails from reputed manufacturers and supplier at your business, but also to make sure that they are installed properly following all guidelines.

Upgrading and advancing economical transportation is a mainstay of many cities in Australia. Giving proper and safe bicycle parking urges individuals to utilize their bikes as transportation. Individuals are bound to utilize a bicycle on the off chance that they are given advantageous and secure parking at their goal. You can have the best bike racks & rails from reputed manufacturers and installers at an affordable price and install those at your business place.

The foremost thing that needs doing when intending to install bike racks & rails at your business place is to ask permission from local government authorities for such installation. If you are newly constructing a business location, then in the proposed plan the location of the installation of bicycle parking must be clearly indicated. After having the permission you can have bike racks & rails from reputed manufacturers for installation. While having such you need to keep the following in mind.


There are different adequate structures for bicycle racks, created by numerous producers. Highlights of satisfactory bike racks & rails from the professional manufacturers include:

  • Stable structure safely moored in a lasting structure
  • Capacity to help an upstanding bicycle by its edge in two places
  • The structure keeps the bicycle from tipping over
  • The design of the bike racks & rails have the capacity to help an assortment of bicycle sizes and edge shapes
  • The racks offer space to anchor the casing and one or the two wheels to the rack


Location of installation of the bike racks & rails that you have from such proficient manufacturers is of utmost importance. While deciding on the location you need to keep the following in mind.

Safe areas are:

  • A location which offers a full view of the parking facility
  • Close to person on foot traffic, windows or potentially sufficiently bright regions
  • Shielded to protect bicycles from the harsh climate
  • The not hindering person on foot traffic

Open areas are:

  • Between the street/way that cyclists use and the passage of the building
  • Not upstairs or after bends
  • Ideally close to handicapped ramps
  • Open enough to permit space for bicycles of every kind imaginable to utilize the racks
  • Best bike racks & rails need installation near the primary passage cyclists to use for the building

Kings Bicycle Parking is the most professional and efficient to offer you such perfect bike racks & rails in Australia. They can customize the racks according to your desire and you can have those installed keeping the above considerations in mind.

Kings Bicycle Parking can be contacted dialing 1800 272 849 to have the best of racks and rails for bicycle parking.

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