Will Domestic Violence Would Ever See Its End in Our Society?

By Nagrikfoundation    28 / Nov / 2018    In Category Women


A woman beaten for dowry, a child beaten by his father, a man facing abuse from his in-laws, and numerous other brutalities that we and have heard and seen till now, are all the cases of domestic violence which most of the times does not even get reported out of shame or fear.

Domestic violence is not just physical abuse or beating. It involves sexual violence through intimidation, force, economic dominance, male privilege, blame and various other factors. This doctrine of “power and control” has been prevalent since times unknown. The behaviour of abusers revolves around these temperaments and they try to gain control over the victim through the use of force.

According to a survey conducted across the country, around 27% of the women have already experienced the wrath of domestic violence by the age of 15, more in rural than in urban. Moreover, the total number of cases reported every year for domestic violence involves almost 50% of child abuse. This clearly depicts how exploitation is rampant in our society and the abuser is not even fearful of any further consequences.

All in all, this situation is worse for the victim. He or she bears the physical pain, mental stress, psychological problems and remains in a haze of fear and depression for the rest of his or her life.

But the government of India and the local communities are considering the problems on a serious note.

  1. Several helpline numbers have been repeatedly posted by the government to help the one in need. Even they are working with NGO in Delhi, Mumbai or other major cities to reach more and more victims in remote areas.
  2. Several organizations have come forward in providing a safe shelter to these helpless victims who cannot live with their families anymore.
  3. As a concerned citizen, you may provide emotional support to the victim. You need to teach him or her that the prevalent condition is not their fault. You can advise and encourage them to raise their voice against any injustice.
  4. Most of the victims are hesitant at first and think that sharing their problems might give a bad reputation to their family. But as a responsible citizen, you may extend your help through your community, support groups, police assistance, and social services.
  5. Legal assistance could be of immense help in this situation. Saving the rights of the victim and giving them a peaceful life would be the best solution anybody could give them.

Most of the cases that occur in our society are mostly a result of male domination and backward thinking among families where violating children or women is seen as a fair prospect. This physical, emotional or sexual abuse held behind closed doors at home is kept away from the eyes of the world but the gender-based violence or the child abuse & all such situations that create fear among individuals should be given serious consideration to save their future from getting further ruined.