Why the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Is Getting Popular

By Elitesurgical    14 / Nov / 2017    In Category Health and Fitness

Have your buttocks sagged, making you feel less attractive? You are not alone. As we age, we tend to lose volume on some areas of our body, most notably the butt. This is why the Brazilian butt lift surgery—which involves fat transfer to the area using liposuction and injection—has become more and more popular in the UK. The procedure is effectives not only for lifting the buttocks but also for increasing its volume and shaping it. People who are looking to improve their natural figure can consider this type of cosmetic surgery, too.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery, almost 320,000 butt augmentations and lift procedures were done around the world in 2015. That is a 30 percent increase from the numbers in 2014, proving the growing popularity of this type of cosmetic procedure. Some professionals believe that it is particularly appealing for patients who live in parts of the world where they are likely to wear swimsuits regularly.

A Brazilian butt lift surgery may be ideal for individuals who want fat to be removed permanently from their problem areas, like the inner thighs and the midriff. The liposuctioned fat will be cleaned and filtered before being injected into the buttocks. Some procedures may include the injection of excess fat to the face and breasts to restore their volume, too. People who were not born with enough fat or volume in their buttocks can consider a Brazilian butt lift, too, and the cosmetic surgeon may suggest the use of silicone buttock implants for further enhancement. This way, the procedure can become more effective when muscle exercises are unable to enhance the volume and firmness of your buttocks.

Only board-certified cosmetic surgeons can perform a Brazilian butt lift successfully, and they have contributed to the popularity of the procedure, too. The surgery will require you to stay in the hospital overnight, as you will be placed under general anaesthetic before small incisions are made for liposuction and re-injection. After the procedure, the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to fight infection, and mild painkillers to manage any discomfort. Results are more impressive when the Brazilian butt lift is performed with contouring liposuction and inner thigh or waistline liposuction, so you can achieve the ‘thigh gap’.

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