Why studying in Canada is becoming a new trend for Indian students

By Vinodsainidelhi    25 / Oct / 2018    In Category Education

Preparing for your future can be exciting or scary as it totally depends on the options and the avenues you choose. You can always broaden your horizon and experience something new, and that is why these days students prefer studying in foreign countries such as Canada. One of all the choices available to students these days is Canada. Study in Canada for Indian students is a dream coming true for a large number of students. The number of students going to Canada for study purpose has risen over the years. Here are few reasons behind this phenomenon:

Living in a bilingual environment
Canada is a bilingual country which makes this place an amazing destination to develop new language skills and boost your prospects for an interesting career.

Top-notch education
University degrees, diplomas and colleges from the Canadian universities are recognized around the world and the education system encourage the cross-disciplinary studies and the development of skill. Use of avant-garde technology and digital media makes the study all the more interesting for the students.  

Gain work experience
The Canadian universities offer a wide range of programs to the students who want to gain work experience along with their studies. They offer an excellent way to continue to live in Canada while diversifying and developing your professional skills.

Enjoy an excellent quality of life
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are among the 50 cities that are among the top choices of the students for studies. The colleges here are known for their affordability of education and diversity of the student population. Canada is one of the countries that boast of an enviable quality of life with affordable cost of living.

Have an enriching cultural experience
Canada offers an enriching and vibrant cultural experience. To begin with exploring what Canada has to offer, see the Montreal International Jazz Festival or participate in a hockey match. There are lot of things to do in Canada which keep the student free from stress and anxiety.

Study in Canada is the newest trend among the Indian students; however, it is become very important to get the right guidance. Without proper guidance, you might end up spending lot of money but not getting a worth degree. Though, there are many counsellors who can provide you advice on study in Canada, but Planet Education stands apart due to its excellent student counselling service.  

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