Why Work with Permanent Staffing Agencies

By Timdonnel9    11 / Jan / 2018    In Category Career

Permanent staffing agencies help US businesses by providing more than 14 million qualified and experienced staff every year, according to a report by the American staffing association. It costs about $57,000 for companies to find and place a candidate, and if the candidates thus selected fail to deliver, businesses will have to restart the recruitment process requiring further investment of time and money. Such rework may lead to delays in project deliveries and even loss of business opportunities.

Therefore, in the US alone close to 90% of companies now turn towards staffing agencies to find talent to power their businesses. These agencies have access to the top talents from around the world. They invest heavily in building database of both active and passive job seekers. Businesses often see periods of rising and falling demands that require then to have flexible employment options to adjust employees according to the demand.

If you are still not convinced about hiring through a permanent staffing agency here are some benefits these agencies offer to businesses of any size:

Savings in time and money: When you hire through staffing agency, you need not advertise for jobs, shortlist applications, and conduct interviews, etc. Further, you may not need to provide training, at least no need to provide rigorous training, to candidates selected through recruitment agencies as they place qualified and experienced candidates based on the demands of the position.

Acquire talents easily: Recruitment agencies are specialist recruiters and hire all the time. Years of experience and qualified and expert recruitment managers have the ability to screen the right applicants, interview them and select only the best talents to power your businesses. In addition, they have industry connections that helps them hire talents relatively easily.

Flexible employment:  Some businesses require more staff during a particular season or time of the year due to high demand. You need to be able to hire more during the time of high demand and cut-down on employment when you see less demand. Staffing agencies offer temporary hires, contract hires, etc. which helps businesses to increase or decrease their employee count according to the demand.


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