Which Fitness tracker is best

By Fakibaz    1 / Aug / 2017    In Category Health and Fitness


Although the benefits of best fitness tracker seem to be obvious, the bracelets differ in a variety of technical features. In our tests it turned out that we could divide the sports brace into two main categories:

Pure Fitness tracker

The first category includes all models that are aimed at simply recording health data. These are, for example, runtime tracking or the daily running number. Also the calorie consumption or the duration and quality of the sleep are characterized by the smart sports bracelets without further assistance.

An advantage of pure tracking armbands is the low weight. Worn on the wrist, the Fitness tracker become after an extremely short time to an unbemerkten everyday companion. By dispensing with buttons or even a display, the pure fitness straps are the ideal equipment for swimmers or sports, where unfavorable weather conditions are the order of the day. Just think of the "Mud Races", which require everything from the equipment.

Your strengths are played by the pure fitness tracker only in connection with a PC or a mobile device. Data is sent wirelessly or via USB connection to the local computer and then processed in a clear manner. A detailed analysis of your sporting performance is hardly possible.

Fitness tracker with display

The second basic category includes all best fitness tracker that have a screen or advanced controls. Some models, which can also be found on a list of bestsellers, can be conveniently controlled with a touch-sensitive touch control. Other fitness bracelets, on the other hand, work with larger displays that resemble a smart watch.

The usually higher weights make up all these models by their equipment and the direct usability. Already during the sporting exercise you can query stored data and see on the display. In this way, you are always up-to-date and benefit from motifs that will inspire your sporting ambitions by direct observation.