Where to Sell Your Scrap Bike

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When it comes to the business of buying motor bikes scrapmybike are the one stop shop for those looking to sell their bikes? They are there for people who want to Sell motorcycle and are looking for a buyer to take the motor cycle of their hands. They have been into this business for a while and the first thing they like to let their clients know about them is that they have the funds and ability so we buy any motorcycle. It does not really depend to them the shape or form in which the motorcycle is, they are ready to buy it from the client and all that has to be done is to contact them and they would buy and give the client their money.

Just like the name of their website is scrapmybike.com, they are ready to buy bikes from people who are ready to sell their bikes even if the bikes are scrap. They like to tell people that all that needs to be done is to allow them have your bike and they would buy it from clients. The way they function is that any bike which is within the UK they are capable of buying.

How it works

All that needs to be done by the clients is to contact them and make sure they hear back from them. What has to be done by the client is to fill out a form which only takes about 30 seconds to fill. After the client has filled and submitted the form, they would give client a quote and an estimate of how much they think the bike should cost. If customer is fine with their cost estimate, then they can accept their bid and Sell motorcycle. They will then transfer payment to client and come and pick up the bike. The location of the client and the bike means very little to them because all that is important is for the client to be living and residing in the UK. Once the clients’ location is within the UK the company has trucks and vans and we will be able to pick up the motorcycles from any location.

The services which they offer to people who want to Sell motorcycle is much and these servicesare listed below to intimate their clients as to what the services which they offer really are.

  1. MOT Failures- they do not really care the kind of condition in which the bike is in. This is because truly we buy any motorcycle.They buy and pay in a very short while. Old motorcycles, new ones, and many other types they still buy.
  2. Accidental Damage- for bikes which have been damaged by one accident or the other, they are still willing to buy such bikes and they will do so.
  3. Non Starters- for bikes which are not even starting again, they still do not mind and they will buy these bikes.
  4. Old bikes- no matter how old the bike is, just contact them and accept their bid and quotation for the bike and then they will buy the bike.

We buy any motorcycle and truthfully that’s the business they do. They invite clients to come and do business with them even today.

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