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Where to Get the best CD Duplication

By A1DLondon    19 / Mar / 2018    In Category Computer Software

Are you looking for CD sleeves for your CDs?  There are companies that provide CD sleeves that are perfect for promo kits, EPs, singles and budgets. It is a family run company that produces eco-friendly sleeves for CDs which are light- weight and ideal for promo mailings. All the CDs which are custom printed follow Green Forest Practices 100% and use vegetable inks of high-quality to present each panel with full color of your image.

The cover is protected with UV of high- gloss or matte finish which is muted as per your choice. The CD sleeves also come with wafer seal or free poly wrap. You can also opt for a CD sleeve which closes like a secret envelop which is hand-made. When you pull the tab you will see the disc inside.

Different Types CD sleeves

Some CD sleeves come with complete color printing in front, back and also on the disc. They also have a wafer-wrap or a poly wrap of high quality. They have subtle matte UV finish or free high gloss UV. To prepare 100 of these sleeves it will take 3 days.

The other types of CD sleeves available tuck closed without wafer seal or poly wrap. They can accommodate a lyric sheet. There is color printing in full on the front and back of the CD sleeve beside the disc. The CD sleeves have subtle matt UV finish or free UV of high gloss. The preparation of 300 of these CD sleeves will take 9 days.

There are sleeves with tear strips that are prepared for CDs with complete color printing in front, back and on the disc. They are ideal for mailing as they have tamper evident application. To prepare 300 of these sleeves will take 8 days.

The Difference between CD Duplication and CD Replication

When you want to make a copy of a compact disc it is called CD duplication or CD replication. For common people these two terms are the same. But for the industry which is involved in disc copying the two terms have a subtle difference. Today with reduction in prices of CD/DVD burners making a disc copy is like making a Xerox copy.Making a copy of CD/ DVD is known as duplication.

Disc copying of high volume is known as replication. In a plant where disc replication is done the disc copies go through the following procedure, glass mastering, stamper mastering, injection molding, sputtering and artwork printing. For photo based artwork, offset is used. To match the color, vector based graphics are used.

CD Duplication London

CD replication is an affordable way of making CDs when the amount needed is over 500. To replicate the CDs a glass master of the CD has to be made. Using nickel plating process a stamper plate is manufactured from the glass master. After the stamper is made they can begin CD pressing. (DVD)

The stamper is put into the replication machinery and the machines are filled with polycarbonates. The polycarbonates are heated to a temperature of 400 degrees, when it is ready to be injection molded to be made into CDs. In the injection molding process the data on the stamper is transferred to the CD. The CDs that are produced are metalised with a thin layer of metal on one side which is sealed using a lacquer. The CD can now be played in a CD player or a computer.


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