What is SBI Kiosk Banking And How One Can Apply

By    19 / Feb / 2019    In Category Finance

There are many reliable retailers in the financial sector in India. This has definitely boosted the banking and helped customers to easily bank from the remote areas. State bank of India has introduced Kiosk banking in 2011. With SBI kiosk banking, this partnership helps the bank to deliver its financial services to the large masses of Indian population through the remote-biometric enabled technology. In this, the bank has a partnership with the retailers and appointed them as Business Correspondents who carry out the main banking transactions on behalf of the bank.

This internet enabled PC based technology is easy to use for the Business Correspondents. This is an aid to promote the opening of customer service point kiosk outlet for the customers to easily open bank accounts without visiting the bank branch physically. This is an aid to provide bio-metrically secured banking transactions to the customers in remote and rural areas of India. Here customers also get printed acknowledgement for each transaction carried out at SBI Kiosk. This outlet promotes banking transactions on behalf of SBI bank including opening an account, performing online transactions and other bank related transactions.

Moreover, at CSP kiosks micro saving and micro remittances are performed through No Frills savings bank accounts. Bank has also appointed retailers as Customer Service Points for Business Correspondents to SBI. They are completely authorised to perform banking transactions on behalf of SBI bank at remote areas. For an individual who wishes to be a CSP or a business correspondent for SBI Kiosk can easily apply for this and increase the earning. If you have a retail outlet, just do State Bank of India Kiosk banking and be a mini-branch for SBI.

How to Apply for SBI Kiosk Outlet?

In order to be a Business Correspondent for SBI Kiosk, register with a Customer Service Point. This is the best opportunity for existing retailers with Laptop/PC, Web connectivity, and Printer. Retailers appointed as CSP can work directly under the RMU. You need to enrol with an online retailer and then fill the application for SBI kiosk banking. As per guideline, a retailer is not eligible to be appointed as CSP. Here is a complete guide to applying for registration.

  • Approach a retailer to fill the application form

  • Send duly signed form with KYC documents to the operations team.

  • The application form will be verified and approved. Once accepted, the applicant is provided required training

  • An applicant should meet the basic infrastructure required to enrol for the service such as - the size of the outlet, system configuration.

Once the application is completed and approved, CSP will be provided with certain facilities as a new CSP like –

  • Biometric readers and electronic thumb impression software

  • Software for access to SBI network

  • SBI bank Account ID and Password

  • A signboard having SBI logo with retailer shop registration name

  • Commission and special incentives