What Is The Most Popular Textile For Pillows Décor?

By Bloomist    15 / Mar / 2019    In Category Home and Family

Textured and throw pillows come in all kinds of fabrics and it is vital that you choose the most ideal material for your sofa, bed, or chair. Every textile has its own pros and cons, which you should look at and compare before making up your mind on which textile pillows to settle for.

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Here are the most common types of fabrics that pillows are made of:

Cotton – this is one of the most preferred materials for pillows. Cotton is extremely durable, easy to wash and very casual. As a result, it is a great option for homes with kids or pets.

Linen – just like cotton, linen pillows are easy to maintain because their fiber is normally blended with materials such as polyester or cotton. Linen is usually great for summer as it creates a light and breezy vibe.

Fur – also referred to as faux fur, this is usually Mongolian wool or sheepskin. Fur accents have been a major trend for the last few years due to their lavish look that they add to armchairs and sofas.

Velvet – this fabric brings immediate warmth to a room. Velvet is great for giving your home a comfortable vibe for winter.

Wool – if its winter and you want to have a cozy vibe during the cold season, then the wool fabric will be the best. Whether it is cable-knit or needlepoint, wool bestows a wintry vibe to a room.

As you plan to decorate your home with different throw pillows, ensure that you choose the right fabric for your surrounding and weather. Cotton is the best but Linen and wool are also amazing depending on the season.

Apart from using Textile Pillows to decorate your living room or bedroom, Bloomist also offers tumbleweed that you can use to change the look of your home to a rustic one.

How do I use Tumbleweed for décor?

Now that you know which textile pillows to select for your living room or bedroom, it’s time to learn how to effectively use the tumbleweed to beautify your home even more.  When decorating your home, always ensure that items blend with the entire house décor.

Put it in a bowl

Tumbleweed can look great when placed in a paper mache bowl. This décor can then be placed on your study table and bring out a rustic feeling.

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Hang it on a wall

Another way of using the tumbleweed for décor is by hanging it on the wall. You can add a few decorations to it and make it even lovelier.

Display tumbleweed on a table

If you don’t want to place the tumbleweed in a glass bowl, you can directly place it on a table.

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Make a chandelier

Some people have gone a distance by using the tumbleweed as a chandelier.  Yes, this works perfectly and you will love how it lights your bedroom.

Spray paint on them to match different décor

For those planning for a party or want to take décor to another level, you can as well as spray paint the tumbleweed in different colors so that it can match well with other decorations in the room.


Whether it is decorating your sofas or bed with different pillow textiles or using tumbleweed to bring out a rustic feeling in your living room or bedroom, you need to select the right decor in order to make your house a pleasant place to be.

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