What Guaranteed SEO Service is mean for you?

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After a long due I am penning for SEO and this time my conscience forced me to write on this. Since last six months, I was deeply hurt by few of my industry friends who disoriented one of my client with the name of “Guaranteed SEO”. I strived my way to clear things around the SEO for him but failed some way.

Guaranteed SEO

Since we have been working more than 3 years together, he is conversant about the code of practice and our “what we say is what we do” approach. So he doesn’t want to embrace the new guy so-called “Guaranteed SEO expert” by nudging us as his dedicated SEO expert. Moz’s Rand Fishkin and other reputed luminaries emphasize on educating clients but still many SEO consultants put the fishy practice in action. Here, I have put my genuine viewpoints to share about Guaranteed SEO Service. What would be its deliverables and what not?

Keywords Rankings:

In simple words, a keyword ranking is herbal medicine which is marketed as “Allopathy”. #1 page ranking of your targeted keywords have never been achieved over the night (It depends on the competition of keywords and lot more other factors).

Genuine SEO takes current ranking of keywords and prepare a final list of keywords and approximate time (keyword wise) he/she will consume to achieve first-page ranking. As a client, you should never stick with your own keywords. Let him prepare a keywords list.

Guaranteed SEO is who vows for keywords finalised after an in-depth analysis. He never agrees to bring all your keywords on the first page at the same date.

Guaranteed SEO isn’t who commits for all your keywords to rank on Google without knowing their search volumes or competitions. Normally, they agree to achieve first page rank for “Car Insurance Quotes” within one month!!!


Backlink is a backbone of any SEO stuff and higher rankings can only be achieved through good quality backlinks. I am not sidelining technical or on-page SEO here but as you know your competitor and you are mostly at the same height in on-page and you can beat them by gaining quality backlinks.

Guaranteed SEO is who have impeccable link building plan for you. He can explain how the link building will affect your ranking and overall organic SEO campaign. Try to listen to his thoughts on content marketing and link building.

Guaranteed SEO isn’t who shows you short-cut of building numerous links in short period of time. They will ready to replace their previous clients’ website links with your website’s link directly. But remember, such tricks may be detected by Google and your site will be penalised for an unethical practice of building links. Beware of such so-called Guaranteed SEO who offers you thousands of backlinks in just a few days. They also try to convince you by saying that look we have ##EDU domains, ##GOV domains and a lot of ORG and other country-specific domains where we put your link and your keywords’ rankings will skyrocket in just a month or two. Putting trust on such guys will spoil your pocket and time both.

Conversions or Sales:

There are a number of agencies and individual SEO service providers who promote their services as Sales or Revenue Booster. Remember, Sales or Revenue is distilled yield of SEO. This is like, someone is selling crude oil as petrol.

Guaranteed SEO is who never commits with Number (conversions or sales). Actually, sometimes the client himself wants a Business Development or Sales Executive and searching for SEO who can do the same. SEO’s task is to improve the website’s performance on Google and drive the potential visitors to the website. Conversion is directly proportional to prices and quality of product or service and market competition. This is the truth which one should accept before searching for the Guaranteed SEO Agency.

Guaranteed SEO isn’t who says your sales grow up by 3x or 10x within 3 months if you buy our premium package. How ridiculous is it!!!

They measure your ROI with sales or conversions directly but in the real world, SEO investment ROI should be measured in Keyword Ranking, Traffic Improvement and Backlinks Volume. I know as a business owner, all these factors have nothing to matter but trust me improving in all these factors will uplift your revenue and conversions.


SEO’s most challenging and important aspect is timespan. How much time will one take to show the result is the most common question asked by the clients? 80 percent SEOs fail to achieve the deadline and client runs away desperately.

Guaranteed SEO is who gives you genuine timespan for achieving keywords ranking and other pre -defined goals. As a business owner, you are well aware of the competition and competitors in the market. You also know that how old your competitors` websites are and how old yours so based on all such parameters, you can also predict the approximate time to beat the competitors. Match your thoughts with him and this way you can get to know his analytical skill. If SEO and you are on the same or similar stance, then trust him and his timeframe too.

Guaranteed SEO isn’t who promise you first-page keywords rankings and 3x or 5x organic traffic hike within one or two months. I am not saying that it is not possible in all cases. Sometimes, the ranking of a local business website or in low competition niche projects can be achieved even in one month.

I think now I should end with a request to share your thoughts on the Guaranteed SEO services. What are means for you?

Happy to hear from you :)

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Maulik Virparia, Proactive Digital marketing strategist with 6+ years experience working at 3i InfoCom. He suggests all business owners to make sure that they only deal Guaranteed SEO Agency who has proven track record. Content marketing and creative social media campaigns one can take into consideration while evaluating his professional skills.