Venta de sombreros en bogota

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Venta de sombreros en bogota

Bienvenido a tienda de sombreros en España. Fabricamos y diseñamos los mejores sombreros para hombre, sombreros para mujer, kepis y diferentes tipos de accesorios para toda ocacion.

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Sahara is a hat from the line of cowboy hats. It is used with 8.5 cm wide brim, decorated with a variety of detailed and elegant accessories. These provide a chic style when dressing. Jeans is designed in wool felt and in the cup variety of forms. In addition to elegant can be used with any kind of attire. Since it is versatile. Go to our website or visit our store and choose your Sahara reference cowboy hats . Do not forget that the shipments of all your hats are free.

Remember, "It`s not appearance, it`s the essence, it`s not money, it`s education, it`s not clothes, it`s class", always have a good hat and a perfect style on hand. For any event: parties, weddings, costumes and much more you just have to encourage yourself to personalize your hat with a variety of outfits and have your own style. Your hat is here!

Wool felt hat shaped in its classic wing cup 10 cm and 9 cm in length, the ribbon that adorns it is a double chain, ocher green.


Forever The Classics

The classic styles are recovering their presence in the world of fashion. In the same way, it provides a vintage touch that makes your head accessory stand out. On the other hand, the tradition of the typical pieces is maintained by giving it a touch of innovation . Bogota Hats


The Gardeliano

The classic Fedora is an article of a lifetime. Used by the great Carlos Gardel, the Fedora style has become an icon of fashion. On the other hand, it has taken a turn to the style of articles for the head. Here, you will find different styles and colors with different accessories for your classic Gardel Fedora.


Quepis or Mariners

The best materials you can find for a distinguished and sophisticated hat. The most popular or fashionable caps like Kepis, are a unique piece. Here you will find the best designs of a "cap" in a completely new style in Europe. In addition, we have new colors and designs that change every 2 months. So, each Kepis or Fashion Cap is different from the rest


Felt Wool & Straw

Here at Hats Plaza Boutique we have the best materials for the production of the best hats. For this reason, we offer our clients a new idea of the best hat store that is made in Colombia. In addition, here you can choose the way your piece will adapt to all your clothes. Finally, find your hat exactly as you want it.