Value Reconsideration Email Templates

By Ceciliaw    17 / May / 2018    In Category Real Estate

We understand that value rebuttal or a reconsideration requests can be difficult to navigate or often frustrating, and we are here to help!

CoesterVMS wants to help ensure any errors on the appraisal are researched and, if found to be inaccurate, are immediately corrected. Our value reconsideration process is designed to clearly address any specific concerns while maintaining strict adherence to Appraiser Independence Requirements, GSE & Investor guidelines, regulatory guidelines, and appraisal best practices. The Requestor must provide a clear narrative when questioning the data in the appraisal report, and provide documentation to support items of concern.

For your convenience and use, we have created email templates to more clearly outline what is needed for a value reconsideration request for your agents and brokers. Non-compliant or incomplete requests can cause delays in the rebuttal process, and using these templates will help ensure this process is as quick and seamless as possible.

Please click on the links below to access the Value Rebuttal email templates. To use, please copy and paste each template into an email of your own, and fill out the bold sections with file information as needed:

Please see below for the text of each email template.

Value Reconsideration Email Templates:

Hello %%first_name%%,

The appraisal for loan (autofill loan #) came in below value, and a reconsideration request can be requested. The value reconsideration process can be difficult if the request is not submitted properly, as only one value reconsideration per file is allowed. To prevent any delays, we wanted to reach out to advise when a value reconsideration request is permitted, and the different types of these requests.

The Requestor must provide a clear narrative when questioning the data in the appraisal report and provide documentation to support items of concern. Please see below for acceptable types of reconsideration requests:

Incorrect Adjustments: Either the subject or a comparable have an adjustment that is inaccurate.
Structural Data: Appraiser inaccurately reported key elements of the property or a comparable. Things such a square footage, bedroom, lot size, garage count, sale price, contract price etc.
Unconsidered Features: The Appraiser missed recent renovations, upgrades, or key features that would directly affect the credibility of the report.
Additional Comparables: Closed comparable sales that sold prior to the date the inspection took place (effective date) and were not included in the original report.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the different types of Value Rebuttal requests.

Thank you,

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