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Use of Commercial Makeup in Delhi by Film Stars and News Anchors

By Khoobsurat    12 / Feb / 2019    In Category Fashion


Everyone wants to look a million dollars when they appear in front of television cameras. This is why we have commercial makeup done for those that appear on the news or any important television show. There is a difference in the makeup done and this depends on the event. The event makeup is an elaborate deal to make a person look glamorous. But, commercial makeup is merely to make them look passable. This is more of a rush job.

Look attractive in public

When you appear for an important public function, you must make up your face so that you look handsome or beautiful. In case the event is not a marriage or a festival, you will only need commercial makeup. You can choose one Best Commercial Makeover Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad to help you with this.

People needing commercial makeup

Though ordinary makeup is enough for those who have a 9-5 job, there are a few people who need something special. Commercial makeup is necessary for these people:

  • Famous sportspeople

  • Film stars

  • Important government officials

  • News anchors

  • People in the spotlight

When you see famous people such as sports stars, you naturally expect them to look good and dashing. To keep up this appearance, they will undertake makeup when they expect to be seen in public by a large number of people. Same goes for film stars and here the need to appear attractive is much more. This is because they need to have the adulation of their fans who expect them to look very handsome or beautiful. If not, they lose their market value. Government Officials have lots of important people to meet. In many instances, they need to meet members of the press who will take photographs and videos. This will be aired to the common public and so they feel the need to maintain appearances. Most of them stay in Mumbai or Delhi. So they use the services of a Commercial Makeup Artist in Delhi.

The speed of work by a commercial artist

These artists have a uniform approach to their work in that they can put on the makeup for a person inside ten minutes. This is a time saver for professionals and people like film stars who make money by the hour if not the minute. The makeup artist will remove shine on the face so that the cameras do not reflect a glare when they take pictures of the person. It is also important to define facial features using suitable makeup.

This kind of commercial makeup is a run-of-the-mill affair without special effects or the use of special makeup items. In an editorial makeup, there is an emphasis on special effects as this involves people who will shoot for a magazine. The photos and videos will need to have the qualities suitable for a magazine and so something special goes into it. People walking the runway also use this kind of makeup.

Makeup turns an ordinary person into a special one. There is an attractiveness that helps them look like a leader and act like one too.

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