Understanding the Different Kinds of Custom Suits Online

By Gharment    29 / Jan / 2019    In Category Fashion

Custom suits in Dallas are a hundred times better than off-the-rack suits you’ll find in boutiques and department stores. They are created from scratch by professional tailors based on your exact measurements. They offer the best fit because they are cut and tailored according to your body type. Every little detail is customized according to your preferences, including the type of fabric, color, and overall design. When you order a custom suit, you are very much involved in the meticulous process of assembling the perfect suit for you. 

Now that you understand why a custom suit in Dallas is a more superior choice compared to an off-the-rack suit, it`s time to learn more about the different types of suits that you can order. A tailor can recommend the most flattering cuts and styles based on your physique, but it’s also good to have a basic understanding of the choices available so you can make an informed decision.

Single Breasted

A single-breasted suit jacket is distinctive for having only one column of buttons. Some tailors also call it a British style suit. One buttoned single-breasted suits are generally called dinner jackets. Two-buttoned single-breasted suits are among the most common styles available in the market. You may wear a waistcoat under the single-breasted jacket. Because of its casual look, it can be worn during less formal occasions and events.

Double Breasted

The double-breasted suit is also called the Italian style suit. It is generally the best choice for taller men. It is distinguishable for its two columns of buttons with two or three buttons on each. Double-breasted suits are more formal and are often worn for weddings.

Lounge Suits

Among all custom suits in Dallas, lounge suits are the most relaxed—perfect for everyday office wear. They are designed to have a more comfortable fit and can be worn with or without a tie. Lounge suits are widely available in light to medium colors and in linen fabrics.

Business Suits

As the name implies, business suits are specifically worn for business occasions. People often confuse them with lounge suits but they are actually different. Business suits are more formal. They are available in darker colors such as navy blue and black.

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