Tracking Employee Time

By Anywheremonitorseo    16 / Oct / 2018    In Category Career

By using one of these up-to-date monitoring software systems, the user can automatically record such information as screen shots of the monitored computer`s activity, chat and IM participation by the individual being monitored, sent and received emails, any social media/social networking visits such as to Facebook, a list of online searches performed, the use of programs in the course of a computer session and even the related keystrokes entered by the monitored individual.

Computer monitoring software can be used to view communication that your children or employees are involved in. Computer monitoring software will let you see whether your children are viewing inappropriate content and whether your employees are using the computer for non work related activities.

The detection program content includes: According to the existing program fragments in a program library to quickly locate, play, if not found, the corresponding results are given; under the existing fragment programs, real-time monitoring of program stream if there are corresponding content appears; according to the image, sound and other information, intelligent tracking, analysis of program content. For more information, please visit our website