Top Words With Totally Warped Meanings For Expert Classical Musicians

By Pacificchorale    26 / Dec / 2018    In Category Music


Lots of people just attend classical music concerts in Los Angeles without noticing that some of the basic words they hear feature twisted meanings for classical musicians. This article brings you the top ones among such words that feature warped meanings for these professionals.

  1. Reception: Ordinarily, this should mean the social occasion after any recital during which you might congratulate the performer. But for classical musicians, it means some kind of free-for-all food frenzy which you feel that you have earned after sitting down for two hours to perform new music.
  2. Practice: This is basically supposed to mean the repetition of an exercise in a specific skill, so you can become proficient in it. But for these professionals, it’s the key reason they spend an average of half a day shut away in a room that is soundproofed.
  3. Accompanist: This is supposed to mean an individual that offers musical accompaniment. But to classical musicians, it means somebody that is truly worthy of your utmost respect for putting up with you and saving youfrom mistakes.
  4. Exposure: This should basically mean being subjected or introduced to something. But for these musicians, it means what certain individuals deem to be legit payment. And, no, this implied meaning doesn’t pay your rent.
  5. Page-turner:In basic meaning, a person that simply turns pages for you. But for these musicians, it’s the person who holds the fate of the success of your recital, such as in any choir concerts near me, in their hands.
  6. Teacher: Basically, this means an individual who helps people to learn new things and educates them. But for these musicians, it means any figure that instils great respect within you.
  7. Solo: This means something done by just one person basically. But for classical musicians, it means an opportunity to show all of the skills you have mastered as well as your fancy cadenza after you must have overcome your stage fright.

These are the words and terms that feature warped meanings for artists you are supposed to know in addition to attending classical music concerts Los Angeles. Knowing them will signify that you actually understand a lot about this amazing genre of music that you actually love listening to.