Title: Essential aspects of concertina coils –An Overview

By Gurukrupawires    7 / Feb / 2019    In Category Industrial


You will find concertina coils in those particular areas that require extra security like army and cantonment areas. There is wide usage of these coils in border areas too. In fact, during the period of World War 1, the soldiers themselves produced these wires to meet their usual requirements. However, these days they are manufactured in the factory.

Apart from their usage in these high-security areas, these coils can be extensively seen fencing warehouses, manufacturing, production, and also in the industrial units. In fact, these coils have the reputation of being highly efficient in guarding areas when it comes to fencing.

Why does it make sense in using these coils?

When it comes to fencing areas such as warehouses, or other sensitive areas or for that matter the production and manufacturing units mentioned above, you will undoubtedly require them in bulk. And transporting them to the site is a challenge.

Since they are lightweight, they can be easily transported from one place to another. Another advantage of using concertina coils and wires is that the area they occupy is much less as compared to that of the barbed wires. So, it not only saves space but as far as transportation is concerned, the bulk of it can be shifted to the site in one go owing to their lightweight nature instead of making several trips to the site of installation.

It is quite likely that when you shop around for a concertina coils manufacturer Pakistan, it will not be very difficult to zero-in on one because these coils are widely available. All you have to do is make sure that the overall quality is good and that you are getting a good deal.

For longevity, most of the time these wires have bituminous paint applied around them to prevent them from rusting. By doing so, the tensile strength of the wires, as well as the coils, is also enhanced, which will also ensure better anchorage while being installed.

Another benefit of using these wires is that you can customize them according to your own requirement.

Shopping around for a manufacturer

For deriving optimum benefits from the installations, identifying a reliable concertina coils in Pakistan becomes all the more important. And how will you get to know a reputable one in the market today? First and foremost, you can find out the number of years the manufacturers have been in the business, their overall credibility in the market, find out the quality of the products that they sell. The products must be endorsed as well. You can also go through the reviews that are posted virtually by individuals that have used the product. You can see how many positive reviews they have garnered. Make sure you consider all these important points while searching for a manufacturer in the market today. Keep in mind that a genuine manufacturer will always be ready to answer all your queries. So, make sure to ask any question if you have in your mind from beforehand.