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The Role of a Gynaecologist in Panjim Goa in Curing Ovarian Cancers

By Paihospital    11 / Feb / 2019    In Category Health and Fitness

Ovarian cancer is next only to cervical cancer in terms of a number of cases, yet it remains to be the deadliest form of female reproductive cancer, taking more lives than uterine and cervical cancer combined.

A gynaecologist in Panjim Goa plays an important role not only in the treatment, but in the early detection of ovarian and other types of female reproductive cancers. As with other cancer conditions, early detection is key to effective treatment, management, and cure of this disease.

Currently, there is no definitive strategy for early detection that reduces mortality for ovarian cancer sufferers. However, a gynaecologist in Panjim Goa can be your partner in watching for relevant signs as well as the presence of ovarian cancer symptoms. Your Obstetrician-gynaecologist in Panjim, Goa can perform a detailed analysis of your risk by taking your history (both personal and family) for gynaecologic, breast, and colon cancer. This is critical to determining risk and predisposition, as women with a history of breast, colon, or ovarian cancer in the family, are at high risk of hereditary ovarian and breast cancer syndrome (of the BRCA mutation), or perhaps hereditary Lynch syndrome (nonpolyposis colorectal cancer) and therefore have increased risk of developing the disease.


Your gynaecologist in Panjim Goa might refer you for formal genetic counselling should you present these conditions, in order to better assess your risk for ovarian cancer. Whenever appropriate, females who are found to be at high risk of developing the cancer, based on their personal and family history are offered further testing for early identification and detection of the condition. Just the same, careful diagnostic techniques must be prescribed to avoid the harmful effects of invasive diagnostic testing and the occurrence of false-positive results. This is why you should work with physicians and practitioners who are specialised and well-versed in determining risk and performing actual diagnostic procedures for proper and effective detection of ovarian cancer. Both patient and gynaecologist must maintain appropriate levels of suspicion, especially when relevant symptoms of the disease are present in the patient, coupled by a strong history of other cancers that increase the risk of disease development.


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