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The Most Distinguishing Features of Danfoss Compressors

By Georgeshe7    20 / Apr / 2017    In Category Home and Family

With their energy-saving design and higher cooling capacity, Danfoss compressors have become the preferred choice for household and light commercial applications across the industries. The compressors can work with the compatible refrigerants for varied HVAC installations. This equipment uses compression to increase the temperature of a gas having low pressure ratings. These compressors are available as large mechanical units fit for HVAC, ventilation, cooling, and heating purposes. They usually vary according to the difference of compressor mechanism. When looking to buy this system for your household or commercial establishment, you must lay your trust on Danfoss for their durability and high-grade specifications. The main features offered by this brand are :

A Wide Range to Choose From :

The compressors offered by Danfoss are available in a wide variety. The company manufactures these compressors in the varieties like Fractional Horsepower Reciprocating Compressors, Low-Temp reciprocating Compressors, High-Temp Reciprocating Compressors, and Scroll Compressors. Their range varies according to speed technology. It ranges from 2.5 to 350 tons. This range ensures better comfort and load efficiency. The scroll compressor range from Danfoss is recognized for its extraordinary energy-efficiency.

Higher Energy-Efficiency :

Due to their optimized motor technology, Danfoss compressors are known to be the most energy-efficient in their class. You can substantially reduce your energy bills by using these compressors in your HVAC systems. They are easily available with the leading suppliers across the country. The compressors consume approximately 70% energy in HVAC systems. Hence, the company manufactures them with sophisticated refrigeration controls and intelligent systems using advanced algorithms for optimizing their operations. Hence, they are ideally suited fir residential and light to heavy commercial applications. These compressors are built with unique patented technologies that can adjust to the fluctuating load conditions.

Comprehensive Compliances :

This is a distinguishing feature of compressors manufactured by Danfoss. These compressors are manufactured ion strict compliances with the government regulations. They are designed to reduce the carbon footprints in the form of compliances with regulations specified for a greener environment. The compressor footprint of these products is much smaller in the category of compact systems. This instills a sense of confidence regarding these compressors.

Versatility of Applications :

With their advanced operational technology, Danfoss compressors are applicable in varied industry verticals. They can be used in residences, offices, and industrial establishments. They utilize a low energy for refrigeration systems.

Warranty and Technical Assistance :

When looking for a compressor, you must prefer the system having a comprehensive service warranty. The compressor range from Danfoss is backed by the company warranty for covering its maintenance and repairs. The company provides complete technical assistance for its entire range. The experts are available 24/7 to answer your queries and resolve all the technical issues faced in application and performance of these compressors units.

These are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in Danfoss compressors for your HVAC systems. You can get them installed in your home or establishment for better energy savings and enhanced performances.


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