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The Benefits the Best Dog Knee Braces Provide

By Animalorth    15 / Feb / 2019    In Category Pets

You’ve probably seen plenty of people with knee braces on, either after an injury or due to aging. Did you know you can also get a knee brace for your dog? It is true! The best dog knee braces bring your pup the same benefits as when a human wears one.

Are you ready to learn more? Here are just five of the ways a knee brace can help your furry friend be healthier and happier:

#1 It helps with developmental or genetic conditions. If your dog suffers from arthritis or other structural knee problems, you should know that having them wear a knee brace may be able to help them in to stay active much longer than they would otherwise be able to.

#2 A knee brace is a great way to actually prevent an injury. A knee brace is more than just a way to react to knee pain in your dog and can actually be worn proactively as well. Certain breeds are prone to knee injuries, like Pit Bulls and Labrador Retrievers, and putting a brace on before this occurs could actually stop it from happening. A simple exercise like going up and down the stairs will be a lot easier for a large dog if done while wearing a knee brace.

#3 It aids in walking. If your dog is having knee trouble, you may be tempted to skip his or her walks from now on. One of the best exercises to address knee pain is simply to walk, actually. Your veterinarian will be able to help you to decide what brace is best for your dog so that he or she can engage in walking or other low-impact exercises.

#4 It should keep their leg muscles and ligaments in good condition. A good knee brace is often important for more than just the knee cap itself. Surrounding ligaments, like the Cranial Cruciate Ligament, is aided by a knee brace as well.

#5 A knee brace can help to improve your dog’s gate. Just like your posture sitting all day work may lead to a sore back, the way you dog walks may lead to knee pain. Putting on a knee brace forces them to move their legs in the correct manner and eliminates or at least lessens their pain due to an improper gate.

Now is the time to seriously consider ordering a knee brace for your dog, whether they are already experiencing knee pain or you just want to make sure your loved one never does. Do a little online research to answer all of your questions, like what size to get and what dog stifle brace price to expect, and then order the right brace for your dog.

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