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Solo Langtang Valley Trekking

By Dreamhim    5 / Feb / 2019    In Category Travel and Leisure

How to do a solo trekking to the Langtang Valley? It is the query that every single trekker think in their mind. But don’t worry; we are here to help you to plan your single trip to the Langtang Valley without any local guides. It is completely doable by you without anyone.

 Solo Langtang Valley Trekking is more exciting wildest journey which starts from town to glaciers valleys. It is probably done by trekkers with themselves because this trekking route is the shortest trekking route of the Himalayas from Kathmandu Valley. The trails of Langtang trekking are surrounded by the villages where local people are settled down, that’s why a single trekker doesn’t need to afraid while trekking to this route.

Here is day to day itinerary for your easiness.

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi

Day 02: Trek from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel.

Day 03: Trek to Langtang Village from Lama Hotel.

Day 04: Trek from Lama Hotel to Kyanjin Gompa.

Day 05: Acclimatization at Kyanjin Gompa.

Day 06: Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel.

Day 07: Trek from Lama Hotel to Syabrubesi

Day 08: Drive back from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu

This above day to day Langtang Valley Trek itinerary is excluding time spent in Kathmandu for arrival, sightseeing and other activities. The above trekking itinerary can add some days or decrease some days to complete it that is in your hands how much time you need to complete it without any troubles.

Transportation to Syabrubesi

You can hire a private vehicle to Syabrubesi to start a trek fast but if you have plenty of time then you can find many local buses from Machha Pokhari which situated at Balaju side to reach Syabrubesi. If you spend night at Thamel before your ride to Syabrubesi, you will get a local bus, van, taxi to bus station. The Machha Pokhari bus station doesn’t look like a bus station like your country but if you ask with someone then they will tell you or show you that bus station. The bus ticket to Syabrubesi from Kathmandu cost $ 7.

Accommodation and Food

Every trekker can find easily foods and accommodation on this trekking route; there are plenty of tea houses and lodges to serve for trekker with their own values. You can get especially to eat Dal, Bhat, Tarkari or Tarkari with roti during trek or you can order anything from menu to full your belly. This typical Nepali food is affordable by any trekkers. You can get this meal $3/$4 in lower part of trekking route and $5/$6 in upper part of trekking.

Best Time to visit

Martch to May and September to December are best months for trekking.

Trekking Gears

Trekkers can find any kinds of trekking gears in Kathmandu in reasonable price or can get in rent from any shops around the Thamel. The most essential gears need to have with trekkers like own hiking boots and shoes, sleeping bags, thick and warm gloves, jacket and hats along glass to keep safe eyes from sun, dust and heavy winds.  If you concern with us we can manage to you in low price.

Langtang Valley Trekking Route Map

Route Map is very essential while travelling as a solo in new place. You should carry a route map when you decide to start your journey to the Langtang Valley. You can find it anywhere around trekking accessories shop in Kathmandu.

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