Snack Pellets Market Research Report by Size, Share, Trend, Global Analysis and Forecast to 2023

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Snack Pellets Market Highlights:

Snack Pellets are unfinished products that are processed by manufactures into an expandable snack using extrusion process. These pellets are then available in various forms, shape, and textures. Subsequently, these pellets are sold to food processors to process them into ready-to-eat snacks. This processing usually is done by two methods, namely hot air expansion and hot oil frying. The most accepted and healthiest method in the processing of snack pellets is the hot air expansion, since it avoids usage of excess oil and formation of acryl amide, which causes toxic effects, such as drowsiness, hallucinations, and distal numbness.

Snack pellets market is segmented by type into potato-based, corn-based, rice-based, tapioca-based, multigrain-based, and others. Among these, potato-based snack pellets is dominating the market for snack pellets owing to the palatable taste of natural potato starch. Demand for corn, rice and multi grain-based snack pellets are also rising owing to the fiber content and other nutritive benefits.

Snack pellets market is segmented by form into laminated, three-dimensional, die-faced, gelatinized, and other forms. Laminated, as well as three-dimensional form hold a good market share of snack pellets and is mostly consumed owing to the convenience in consumption of single bite size laminated snacks and the appeal of three-dimensional form among the students and kids. Depending on these factors, it is a huge scope for players to focus on developing extensive product line to suit the target market and is projected that the snack pellet market will grow at a modest rate during the forecast period.

Key Players: Some of the key players in the Global Snack Pellets Market are Intersnack Group GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Limagrain Cereales Ingredients (France), Liven S.A. (Spain), Grupo Industrial Michel (Mexico), Leng-d`Or, S.A.U. (Spain), Balance Foods, Inc.  (US), Pasta Foods Ltd.  (UK), Quality Pellets A/S (Denmark), Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. (India), and Pellsnack-Products GmbH (Germany).

Regional Analysis: Asia-Pacific has been showing the highest demand for snack pellets. Growing population in countries, such as China and India, and parts of South East Asia, have shown improvement towards technological advancements, trending global eating habits, and rising per capita disposable income have been few of the key drivers driving the snack pellets market in this region.

North America has been establishing the fastest growing snack pellet market owing to the rising consumption of convenience food and on the go snacks. This has led to the birth of various brands and food manufacturers in this region. Certain snack brands and food processors in the US are experimenting with flavor blends and shapes, thereby, attracting the youth population. Texture, color, and flavor are other factors adding to the demand for snacks in this region.

Consumers in Europe have been shifting to healthier food habits. In countries such as Germany and the UK, maintenance of high living standards and globalization of savory snacks have led to the rise in demand for tasty savory snacks. The market for snack pellets in this region is also driven due to the content of nutritional values in snacks.

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