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Rules to Follow by Social Media Users in UAE

By Andreausa    15 / Mar / 2019    In Category Computer Software


Now social media play a major role in everyone lives. People are sharing their feelings and any events they conducted or attended and any special movements. Some business persons use this platform to promote their services/products. Distance is not a matter to communicate with our friends and families with sweet memories by uploading photos and videos on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and with more social media sites.

Anyways social media give freedom to users to share their activities, but in the UAE some rules and regulations are as to be followed by every social media user, if users violate those rules they should be punished.

In UAE, anyone using social must be aware of some laws and regulations. There are

No rights to share any person’s images without taking permission:

You may like to take someone else photos who attract you in any public places like park, restaurants or shopping areas. Taking their photo and uploading may not be serious issue in other countries, but it is an offence in the UAE. According to Federal Law No.5 of 2015, taking photos of others without their permission will be punished at least 6 months with fine.

Give respect to every one’s privacy:

Giving respect to every person is important in the society. Sharing information about other people in the social media platform without discussing with them about that information is illegal action and shows disrespectful on that person. Not about a person, even leaking confidential information about a company is also a major offence. For these offences UAE government gives punishment like send them to jail and big amount of the fine.

Illegal websites/Media

Every Audio or video broadcasting channels should be run by legal rights. If anyone is using or owning illegal broadcasting channels or websites, then they should face at least 1 year in prison. You should know one thing that Voice over Internet Protocol or Skype have been blocked in the UAE. Instead of Skype, Etisalat is providing legal service on Voice over Internet Protocol.

Don’t post any content against Islamic morals and values

Islamic morals and values are against to posting images related to nudity, pornography and drunkenness and this activity will be considered as a very big offence in the UAE. Insulting the Islamic morals and values will lead to extremely punishable. Be aware of this.

Never post abusive comments

Before giving comments to any post just confirm that will not hurt anyone. Because abusive comments and threatening to other people can stand you in court. And tagging a person to a post without taking their permission is also against to privacy laws. Spreading false information can also be an offence.

These are the rules and tips to be aware before using social media in the UAE. Apart from these illegal activities if you use this platform for your growth in a positive way then this one is the best platform to gain knowledge, promoting businesses and keep on updating yourself.

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