Rave Party Ideas: What To Wear To Your First Rave?

By Iedmclothing    13 / Jul / 2017    In Category Fashion


Are you going to the rave party for the first time? Really!!! If yes, then forget about everything and have fun as these parties are made just for fun, nothing else. For someone who is going to rave party for the first time, one thing that can make him/her worry is – what to wear for the rave part?


What I like the most about rave parties is that there are no restrictions when it comes to clothing, but yes, there is a proper rave culture that you need to follow when you have been invited to the rave party or EDM festival. 


When it comes to rave culture, you must know as a novice that you should prefer unique, attractive and creative outfits so that you can gain a lot of attention. Moreover, you have to take care of your comfort because your rave outfit should not cause any discomfort at the party and you can enjoy fully.  A rave party or EDM events generally last for whole night and you need to be comfortable when it comes to clothing. Your clothes should be loose and layered so that you can remove these layers when the heat goes up with time. 


Choosing rave outfit for rave party or EDM is a crucial decision and make sure you remember some important things associated with rave clothing.


Stand Out At Any Cost: Your aim should be to stand out in the party through bright and bold colors. These bright, neon colors and sparkles are your true friend in the party. This rule of being bright and bold with some twinkle is applicable to both men and women.   


Wear Baby Tees, Trendy T-shirts, and Neon Stuff: Wearing Crop tops, brightly colored tees with some bold characters, simple baby tees or glowy neon shirts could be the best choice for rave parties. Such outfits look stylish, trendy and eye-catching. These look cool when your party is scheduled for the night as neon and glowy t-shirts make the whole environment radiant, giving you a feel of the galaxy. 


Let’s Rave your makeup: When your rave outfit is simple, then you can opt for a sparkling bold rave makeup that can make you look gorgeous. Women can choose bold colored eyeliners, sparkling eye shadows, and bright lipsticks to stand out in the crowd. Your makeup can say a lot about your style and fashion.  


Shorts/leggings: Pair up your tops or tees with booty shorts/leggings (women) or joggers/shorts (men). Your vibrant and colorful shorts will not only look stylish but also let the air flow go without letting you heat up while dancing. There are several glowy, neon and bold patterns available in both men and women bottoms.  If you are not comfortable with shorts, the option of tight jeans, leggings and baggy jeans is always open for both the genders. 


Rave Accessories To Be Seen:  There are several rave accessories that you can choose from. These include:


Rave leg wraps: These are the most elegant rave accessory for women as they can wear it on their legs while wearing shorts and skirts. These leg wraps are generally available in different colors like turquoise, neon pink, neon green, pink, neon orange, blue, neon yellow, purple & red. These colors glow in the dark or night.  


Kandi Masks: Masks made from pony beads that people wear in rave parties have different design patterns, animal designs or characters. These masks glow in the night or dark light. You can easily find them in different characters like Panda, bass nectar, mortal kombat, Cheshire cat, rainbow daksh, ganja, skeleton and many more crazy designs. 


EDM Glasses: Light up glasses, diffraction glasses, double diffraction glasses, and sunglasses are some of the types of rave glasses that you can commonly found at online rave stores. Some of them are equipped with LED lights that glow up in the night and let you look cool and stylish. 


It’s time to think about some crazy outfit ideas for your rave party. Make some best combinations with tops, bottoms and rave accessories and go wild at the party. Enjoy to your fullest on the dance beats and don’t forget to maintain your style statement. Go wild, Go rave!