RAP Submission and Assessment Criteria

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Every year in the month of May and in the month of November, candidates have the opportunity to submit their work. Candidates are required to give a submission fee that is to cover the marking and the administrative costs before their work is accepted. This requirement makes it essential that the candidates are up to date with their account and their subscription with ACCA.

Majority of the candidates get confused and worried as to why would it take so long to get a confirmation on their result when it takes half the time for the exam results to be released. The UK has universities governing bodies that are responsible to regulate the degree; these bodies also put forward specific requirements while checking the process before they can confirm a degree. OBU and ACCA are jointly producing the programme, making them equally involved in the degree confirmation process.


Assessment Criteria

The RAP generally is the first corporeal part of academic work that majority of the students encounter and will possibly have ever produced. The approach to RAP is very distinct from other exams conducted in the past. The candidates are expected to turn in their own research as well as their own analysis to the submitted report. This is something that cannot be just produced by reading study texts and textbooks alone. It is also recognized by OBU that when it comes to the standard advice and guidance from mentors, there is going to be variability in it. This is the only reason why the candidates are given up to three attempts to pass RAP. Upon failing RAP, unlike failure in other exams where the students to a great extent have to figure out themselves about where they went wrong, the marker does provide the candidates with some feedback indicating both parts where the candidate has failed as well an outline of what they omitted or did wrong. This feedback helps with the resubmission. In cases where there is a change of topic or the company, the areas that the candidate passed successfully are taken to their next submission and any resubmission, therefore, should focus mainly on the regions failed. Some topics although (notably topics 8 and 15) require updating the financial information as well as an analysis on the latest available financial statements (otherwise the candidate could get failed based on either the Analysis and Evaluation, and/or the Understanding of Models and/or their Application – depending on the assessment area that has not been passed by the candidate previously)


Criteria for Assessment in Relation to the RAP

The Presentation, the Skills, and the Learning Statement are all assessed in accordance with the Criteria mentioned in Appendix 1 present in the current Information Pack. These are divided into three different areas:




Technical and Professional Skills

To achieve an overall pass on RAP, there are four criteria present that must be passed first. These sets of skills determine the grade to be awarded if the candidate passes the RAP in their first attempt. These are:

Comprehension of business models/accountancy

Implementation of business models/accountancy

Assessment of information, analysis, and conclusions

Display of project findings

Nevertheless, the candidate must be assessed as skilled in the Graduate Skills area to achieve an overall pass in the RAP.


Graduate Skills

There are three crucial Graduate skills that require a demonstration of competence.


Information gathering and referencing

Information technology

If in any of the seven criteria mentioned above the candidate does not meet with the minimum assessment criteria he/she will be failed in  RAP. This means that the candidate will have to resubmit and update their report sometime in the future (cautiously before the 10-year limit exceeds) to get their degree. Candidates are also required to make the essential improvements in the areas that they have failed to secure a pass. The highest grade that the candidates are able to achieve on the resubmission of the failed areas in Technical and Professional Skills or the Graduate Skills will be C grade.