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Quick steps to build branding for B2B companies

By Sprakash    19 / Mar / 2019    In Category Internet

In this digital age, executive branding is no longer an option for companies or individuals. It has become a necessity and here’s why. Consumers have increased access to information through search engines, social media, and review sites like G2 Crowd and Product Hunt. They are now armed with research about your company, product, or service at their fingertips.

We’ve observed that consumers identify with various communities personally and professionally. They reach out to their communities when they are looking for recommendations on restaurants, the latest gadgets, and even software platforms. Communities facilitated through technology like Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, and Instagram are growing rapidly. But these communities are becoming increasingly narrower as consumers find affinity groups that are very specific their needs. For example, interacting with users across the globe who are in a specific industry and field, who has experience implementing a specific platform, is possible.

Niche communities are strongly influenced by who they know and the reputation and credibility of the thought leader.​ ​This is why executive branding is critical. Even ad campaigns targeted to a very specific audience are becoming less effective with the growing impact of thought leadership on communities.

MarketBeam, an AI-driven personalized enterprise social marketing platform that utilizes untapped executives` and employees` social networks to dramatically increase reach, elevate brand, and nurture leads beyond the usual corporate channels.

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