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Process To Sell Your Bike to Scrapmybike

By Scrapmybike    11 / Oct / 2017    In Category Automotive


Scrap My Bike is a unique website which offers a service which has not been seen a while in the whole of the UK. This service which they offer is the kind that has not been seen before in the UK and it is unique. They give their clients the opportunity to sell their bikes toat a price which they have value the bike to be. Many people wonder who will buy my bike. The truth is that they are able to buy bikes from clients no matter what the condition of the bike is. They are poised and ready to buy the bike. Scrapmybike is open for business the whole seven days in a week and the business which they do does not know weekend or weekday.

How it works

Sometimes people have an emotional attachment to their bikes and this is perfectly understandable. Yet a time may come when a person has no other alternative other than to sell his bike for various reasons. The good part of it is that once you reside in the UK, Scrapmybike will be there to buy that bike at a fair price and value.The process is quite simple, clients need to get on Scrapmybike website and fill out a form. The form takes just about 30 seconds to fill and there we will get to know the type of bike which the clients have. Once Scrapmybike have gotten the year and valuation of the bike as well as the condition, they will give the client a quote. Once Scrapmybike are fine with the value of the quotation, then clients can accept their bid. When clients accept their bid, Scrapmybike will then transfer funds to the client immediately. Then wherever clients are in the UK Scrapmybike will organize with their team and come to pick upthe bike.

Types of Bikes

  1. Non Starters-if a person does have a bike which for one reason or the other does not start and they are tired of having it, instead of having it wasting in their garages and not doing anything it will be a good idea to sell it. For people who want to sell bikes that do not start, all they need do is to get on our site and follow the same process which Scrapmybike have written at the beginning of this articles and easily the bike is sold.
  2. Old bikes –Scrapmybike do buy old bikes and cater for people looking to Sell scooters that are old. All you need to do to get us to buy your old bike is to go to our website and go through the process of filling a form and follow through. Once you agree to our valuation then we transfer funds to you and come to get the bike.
  3. Accident Bikes- for bikes which have had one accident or the other, there is still no problem as Scrapmybike is willing to buy them and take them off Clients hands.

Anywhere clients are in the UK, just contact Scrapmybike and they would buy the person’s bike.

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Scrap My Bike buy any motorcycle, motorbikes, scooters & mopeds. Hassle free way of selling your motorbike. To know more information regarding our services at

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