Principles to Design an Impactful Facebook Ad: Facebook Ad Design Services

By Ppcpapa    17 / Dec / 2018    In Category PPC


Facebook`s algorithm feeds the consumer the content that keeps them engaged. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the ads displayed on the platform get designed to ensure engagement. There are six principles relevant to designing a Facebook ad campaign. These principles are specific to Facebook ads design services.

Facebook regularly gets tons of data from its users who enter it voluntarily on their profile. It gives the social media platform a fair idea about the users and their choices. It then shows them the target ads that show them products that they intend to buy. Unlike the regular newsfeed items, Facebook ads contain call-to-actions. It is easy to spot Facebook ads by noticing these three things:

  • A sponsored tag below the name of the website.
  • The prompt to like the page in the top right corner.
  • A call-to-action button in the bottom right corner.

Facebook banner design services use six designing principles to make Facebook ads stand out from the rest of the curated feed and give the consumers exactly what they wish to see. 


  1. Proportion: No matter how great your product is, if you fail to follow the following rules, it will not ensure conversions you deserve.
  • Rule of Thirds: It is a basic principle of design that helps designers and photographers create a sense of balance in their work. They divide the artboard into 9 equal boxes. They place the main subject of the ad in the cross-sections of the drawn lines giving it more breathing space and a balanced feeling.
  • Optimized Facebook Dimensions: The recommended image size for photo ads is 1,200X628 pixels with an image ratio of 1.9:1 for the highest quality advertisements. The social media platform also lays the guidelines about the characters in the text which is 90. The headline should have 25 characters and 30 characters in the newsfeed description.
  1. Inclusion of Text: Facebook uses the following scale to categorize the limit of text to use and how much more to throttle your distribution and increase your cost:
  • OK
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

If you want to use text in the images, you must test it first. The text should be used to tell a story that your ad copy cannot.

  1. Human element: Featuring human faces is an effective strategy that marketers have been using. Instead of narrating someone what to feel, faces implicitly communicate powerful emotions making the ad more personal and relatable.
  2. Explore the Colors: Planning the colors help in creating stunning ads. The first step is to choose the color scheme preferably the one on the brand. Context also plays a crucial role. Creating a call-to-action with bright and contrasting colors to give the potential customers a single, focused course of action.
  3. Be Remarkable: One way to make the advertisement remarkable or worthy of attention is creating high-quality imagery that pays close attention to details. Using custom graphics and original photographs give a competitive advantage that is relevant to the brand and increases credibility and stands apart from the stock image ads.
  4. Keeping It Simple: Keeping the message lean and focused, sets the message across within a few seconds. A laser-focused message with well-defined goals guides the copy and presents the value proposition in a simplified manner. Sticking to one or two typefaces gives designing a great start. It is also essential to use only one focused image and avoid clutter.

The main objective of Facebook Ad design services is to create an ad that ensures consumer engagement on the social media platform. The six designing principles ensure that designing the advertisement becomes hassle-free.