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Precision Tooling & Injection Molding Services

By Florensloy    29 / Mar / 2017    In Category Business


Whether you just need a few plastic parts or prototype parts to test form, fit and function, welcome to Aberdeen Technologies, Inc.! It is an economical, quality alternative to Plastic Injection Molding in New York and very fast & cost-effective for making plastic prototypes.


Our company has extensive experience in insert molding, medical molding, automotive parts, and consumer products. As an integrated Plastics Technology Company, we specialized in Plastic Part Design, Mold Tooling in Illinois, Plastic Processing and Molding Systems & Moldmaking in Illinois as well. Each Division of the Company is a highly respected specialist in its hub discipline. No matter what size of the job, Aberdeen Technologies, Inc. will always be able to cater to your needs. We make every effort to be an honest and reliable manufacturing partner in Illinois and are proud to provide excellent customer service.


Each division of the organization is equipped with state of the art machine tools and employs the latest technologies in producing highest quality parts to our customers. We specialize in demanding applications that are critical to the success of our customer’s products. Our clients benefit from our commitment to innovation which provides them with superior technical solutions. We are constantly working to reach the highest standard of production and customer satisfaction.


Feel free to call us at 800-323-8095, if you have some questions regarding our services and products or want to know about our work process. Visit our website to learn more.

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