Potentials of AI in Wearable Apps to Revolutionize Future

By MichealJones    27 / Mar / 2018    In Category Technology


Artificial Intelligence

AI. When working with a combination of other relevant technologies, gives awesome products and innovative results. Wearable technologies are devices wear on the body or penetrated into the body.

Wearable devices consist of sensors, and tiny chips act as CPU to help in the relay the accumulated data by sensors to central processing applications either in mobile devices or elsewhere on the web.

Healthcare industry is highly benefitting from wearable technologies and has changed the scenario of how healthcare and medicine services delivered.

Use of Wearable Devices in Healthcare

Ideal usage of wearable devices are:

  • Motion tracking
  • Diagnostic
  • Medication
  • Assist in surgery

Role of AI in Wearable Health App

The roles of AI in wearable health apps are as following:

  • Virtual Health Assistant
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Healthcare Chatbot
  • Managing Medical Records
  • Assistance in Cardiology and Radiology Tasks
  • Virtual Consultant
  • Digital Nurse
  • Assists in Clinical Trials
  • Contribution in Healthcare Training

Here, I have placed some outlines of implementation of AI in wearable health apps for better future and more details have made available in my recent blog “How AI in Wearable Health Apps Will Change Tomorrow” at SysBunny so you can go to it or consult our mobile app development consultants to get your project done.