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Pediatrics in Gaithersburg- An Overview

By Deanmart05    31 / Dec / 2018    In Category Healthcare

Pediatrics amid the chief branches of medicine has been focused on health concerns and medical care of newborns, children as well as teenaged from birth up to the age of their 18. Notably, in accordance with the recommendation of American Academy of Pediatrics, parents are expected to opt for pediatric care for their children up to the age 18/21 ( depends on state rules). A medical doctor specializing in specialty branch is known as a pediatrician.

Aside from providing medical care for infants to adolescents who suffer from common and acute medical conditions, pediatrics in Gaithersburg also extend preventive healthcare services for healthy and normal children. All through the developmental phase of children, they evaluate and administer physical, psychological, and emotional health of your child with great care and depending on situations, in case the symptoms and medical condition of children need specific care, they refer them to see specialist pediatrics.


Pediatrics in Gaithersburg has been aimed at making the best and most up-to-date use of pediatric medicine concept and techniques to reduce the alarming mortality rate among newborn and children. While it helps ease various common and chronic health complexities in children and prevents them from all possible infectious ailments common the childhood, it equally encourages parents to promote healthy home atmosphere and lifestyle enabling them to extend a disease-free long life to their children.

Pediatrics in Gaithersburg - Specialty Area

  ‘Well baby’ care services, annual health check-up, and immunization

  Dealing with common health complication, infective diseases, injuries

  Genetic ailments, congenital conditions, and dysfunctions

Millions of children across the world suffer from frightening diseases like ADHD, ADD, and Autism like developmental delays, behavioral and functional problems, and disabilities. To deal with them effectively, Pediatrics in Gaithersburg has also been devoted to prognosis, manage, and moderate the severity of those neuro-developmental disorders with newest techniques with greater cooperation of parents or family members.

Is Pediatrics different from Adult Medicine?

Yes, to a great extent. The smaller and developing body and brain of newborns or neonate are quite different physiologically from any adult body. It has been a common axiom that ‘children are not merely little adults.’ Congenital disorders, genetic discrepancy, and developmental factors are some of the major concerns to physicians specializing in pediatrics than physicians treating adults. Remarkably, one of the basic practicing protocols or pediatricians is to guide parents as well as educate parents while administering children. In most jurisdiction, every pediatric procedure often needs due consideration of guardianship, responsibility, privacy and legal consent to treat children.

Pediatrician Background

Being primary care providers, pediatricians practicing in the area of pediatrics in Gaithersburg must be graduates from recognized medical schools and should complete three years of residency in pediatric medicine and healthcare. Only after completion of pediatric residency curriculum, a pediatrician becomes eligible to hold board certification issued by American Board of Pediatrics. In order to keep their license active, pediatricians need undergoing continuous course as per Board’s requirement and standard. To name a few sub-specialty areas in pediatrics to include pediatric cardiology, endocrinology, crucial care medicine, neonatal medicine, gastroenterology, hematology, endocrinology and more.


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