Palm Tree Care Tips That You Should Keep Handy

By Palmtreedepot    8 / Nov / 2018    In Category Home and Family

Yes! this is for the 4th time we are posting these tips and they are totally worth reading. These tips come handy when you don’t know about palm trees, but still keen to have them in your backyard.

There are many types of palm trees to choose from, but sabal palms are considered as the best due to their all weather compatibility and moreover they are bouncy and require a little after care than any other from their family. In addition they are affordable and look exotic, for which home owners around the world love this palm tress and use them for landscaping. However, if you want to ensure that these palm trees grow with its full clout then do care a little as caring always brings fruitful results. Listed below are some tips to care for your sabal palms if you are using them for landscaping.


Watering the plants regularly is the first thing you have to do and when to water them is the most important thing you need to take care of. Early morning and late evening is the perfect time for this task and it helps keep the plant healthy for years. You can use gardening jug for this work or install sprinklers. Don’t need to over water them as they need little water and can live without water for months.

Dress them well

It’s both for their look and well being. Trimming keeps them healthy for their lifetime and this is the basic rule of gardening, you got to keep them trimmed for that aesthetically beautiful look. In case you don’t know how to do this, hire a gardening professional, this is the least you could do for your landscape. Additionally, you need to use only appropriate tools for this work.

Feed them

Fertilizing is like a walk in the park. It is as simple as you can think it to be. With that being said, you have to follow a simple straightforward approach. Once in a quarter, you have to fertilize them with slow release fertilizer especially made for sabal palms. Dig a one inch hole around them and feed the fertilizer in with adequate amount of water. Follow the following guides, though they are not at all meant to replace fertilizer manufacturer instruction.

  • Read the instruction on the fertilizer pack carefully and try not to over feed the trees
  • To richen the soil, mix the fertilizer with the soil before plantation
  • For one inch of palm trunk diameter mix two ounces of palm fertilizer per
  • Add one supplementary ounce of slow release palm fertilizer per three inches of trunk on the ground

These are some sabal palm caring tips you should follow to help growing your palms heartily. Don’t forget to thank us for your beautiful landscape.