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Np300 tuning box

By Zemesangel    18 / Mar / 2019    In Category Automotive


Np300 tuning box

Abarth Tuning Boxes, for increased power, torque & performance. Chip tuning for Abarth 595, Abarth 500, Abarth Punto and 124 Spider models.

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Most models in the Nissan catalogue are covered by only a few separate engines – yet between engines of the same capacity there are huge differences in performance. The main difference between these engines is not hardware but in fact the software programmed to each engine`s ECU. Fitting a Bluespark tuning module to your Nissan will usually increase engine power than the next up the Nissan range, whilst costing far less. We can even offer tuning options for the new 2.3 Nissan NP300 as an alternative to a remap. There are very few tuning options available for this engine, so our warranty friendly solution may be just what you need.

Chip Tuning Boxes for your Nissan.
Bluespark performance for your Navara NP300, Juke or X-Trail .
Plug-in Power Gains for your Nissan

Bluespark tuning for your Nissan gives you a traceless, fully removable performance improvement. Our tuning boxes are microprocessor controlled and tailored with specific maps for market leading power and torque gains.

The Japanese Giant is well known for making reliable dependable cars. Purchasing a Nissan tuning chip from Bluespark allows your Nissan tomake huge gains in power and torque. Horsepower output and general drivability are hugely improved. For Diesel models, fuel economy gain can be significantly improved.

Our Nissan tuning boxes work in harmony with the latest injection technologies for high performance and efficiency. The majority of turbocharged petrol and Diesel Nissan engines can achieve serious power gains with a Bluespark chip tuning box.

Performance gains and Tuning box install
Bluespark offer tuning boxes for virtually all Nissan models, including turbo petrol, and turbo diesel models. Popular examples of gains are as follows:

NP300 Tuning Box
The twin turbo NP300 Navara makes 190PS and 450NM as standard. With the addition of our Pro+ Boost unit this is raised to a collosal 235PS and 521Nm torque.

Nissan Navara Tuning Box
2.5 DCi Navara is available ain a wide range of power outputs as standard. We are able to tune all common rail Navaras with great results. The 171PS model is has power increased to 213PS, with torque gains of 68Nm.

Nissan Juke Tuning Box
Almost all Juke models can be covered with huge power and torque improvements throughout the range.

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