Neem Extract Market Research, Size, Share, Trend, Global Analysis and Forecast to 2021

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Market Analysis:

Neem Extract Market has witnessed an impressive growth over the last few years. Increasing awareness among people towards the adverse effects of chemical based personal care, the importance of neem based products have augmented to a considerable extent. About two decades ago, the ayurvedic medicines in India had been constantly losing its market to allopathic medicines. However, campaigns and advertisements by the domestic ayurvedic companies in the country, such as Patanjali, the ayurvedic medicines have started to rejuvenate. The medicinal benefits of neem are well known in Asia-Pacific and its awareness is percolating to other parts of the globe. With the passage of time, the western countries are increasingly turning towards herbal products for personal care. A large range of neem based cosmetic and personal care products including bathing soap, face cream, face wash and shampoos are now being used in the North American and European countries.

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The bio-based animal farming has increased during the past few years owing to increasing demand for meat obtained from biologically grown animals. Neem leaves and neem seed cake are used as animal feed that contain proteins, amino acids, carotene and minerals. Animals such as goat, camel, sheep and crossbred lambs are fed with neem leaves during winters, a part of their daily feed, as they increase productivity of these animals during the season. Neem is also well known as an effective pest repellent for pet animals. The increasing population of pet animals globally and people’s growing concern for the safety of their pets has encouraged neem oil manufacturing.

Major Key Players Trend:

Global neem extract industry is marked by high intensity of rivalry. The market players in the Global neem extract industry indulge in fierce rivalry where the market players are aggressively targeting its competitors in terms of quality and price, thus making the industry more competitive and reducing profit potential for the existing firms. Market players in global neem extract have excess production capacity and focus on strategic investments and R&D along with participating in the various exhibitions and trade shows in order to enhance their customer base.

The key players profiled in Neem Extract Market are P.J. Margo Pvt. Ltd. (India), Neeming Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia), E.I.D. Parry Limited (India), Agro Extracts Limited (India), GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd (India), Bayer AG (Germany), Certis USA LLC (U.S.), and many more.

Latest Industry Updates:

Feb 2018 Oshea Herbals has launched neempure cleansing bar which is made with neem leaf extracts

May 2017 VLCC has introduced neem face wash owing to the high demand of herbal products

June 2017 Zillonlife Global Pvt. Ltd. has launched four new products with natural extracts including neem

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