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Metal Complex Dyes for Wool, Silk and Its Uses

By Starpigment    8 / Feb / 2019    In Category Industrial


Metal complex dyes are also known as pre-metalized dyes shows a great affinity for protein fibres. Commonly it has been seen that metal complex dyes are chromium or cobalt complexes. One of the popular varieties of metal-complex dyes are known as 1:2 metal-complex dyes find application for dyeing polyamide fibres. Metal complex dyes are the most favoured for dyeing wool. In fact, metal complex dyes cannot be said as belonging to a particular application dye class. Generally, metal-complex dyes belong to numerous application classes of dyes.

For instance, they are found among direct, acid, and reactive dyes. When it is applied in the dyeing processes, metal-complex dyes are used in pH conditions that are regulated by user class and the type of fibre such as wool, polyamide, etc. The ranges of pH level for wool are, if it is strongly acidic then it ranges from 1.8 for 1:1 metal-complex dye or if it is moderately acidic neutral then it ranges from 4-7 for 1:2 metal-complex dyes.

Properties of metal complex dyes:

The important properties of metal complex dyes are as follows:

  • The metal complex dyes do not require any pre or post-treatment with metal salts.
  • Metal complex dyes are brighter than the chrome dyes.
  • Even though the fastness of metal complex dyes is lower than the chrome dyes, but still it is good enough.
  • In spite of their ease of application and fastness properties, they are mainly used for dyeing high-class dress material, hosiery, and ladies wear.

Features of metal complex dyes:

Some of the special features of metal complex dyes are as follows:

  • It is excellent in light fastness because it will not fade away even with the great explosion of lights.
  • It provides medium washing fastness.
  • It shows very good level dyeing and penetration characteristics.
  • It can cover up for the irregularities in the substrates.
  • Metal complex dyes are soluble in water.

Application on different materials:

  • Metal complex dyes are useful for various applications such as wood stains, leather finishing, stationery printing inks, inks, colouring for metals, plastics, etc.
  • These dyes are well suited for wool, silk, and polyamides.
  • Some metals that are used in dyes are copper, chromium, cobalt, and nickel.

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