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Make a Style Statement with the Womens Gym Tote

By Willbaldn6    4 / Dec / 2018    In Category Health and Fitness

Gym bags could denote the number of bags designed for the purpose of a workout. Here are the common types of gym bags.

Be it any gym bag, the common characteristics that you see is multiple compartments, shoulder straps, and short handles. There are also bags that have separate compartments to carry the gym gears. The Womens Gym Tote and other varieties of gym bags come in many designs and colors, which make them versatile to carry the bag while vacationing too.

Duffel bag

The duffel bag is a category of a gym bag that is versatile, and it has lots of room to store your essentials. These are good to be used when traveling or when working out in the gym. These bags have soft sides and fit into an irregular or small space without trouble. These usually come with zippers and most of them have many pockets on the inside as well as on the outside.

The duffel bags come with a bottom that is resistant to scratch, and there are variants that also have wheels to carry the heavy items with ease.


The backpacks have been used in the gym for long. They have however become more modern and user-friendly and are finding a lot of use among hikers and campers as well. The backpacks today are made using the lighter materials and are much more comfortable. These come with shoulder straps that are padded to make it easy to carry. The backpacks come in many materials like polyester and nylon that are light in weight and waterproof.


The Womens Gym Tote is another popular gym bag used today. These are designed with two handles and come in many materials. These are much spacious and larger than the traditional handbags, and these are spacious enough to store the gym gears. Most of the Womens Gym Tote comes with compartments to store the belongings neatly.


Gym suitcases are also highly popular, and it is designed like a traditional suitcase that you use while traveling. These are lightweight and easy to handle. The common gym suitcases feature a rectangle shape that is flat and with rounded corners that use some hard metal to keep the suitcase in its shape. Most of the gym suitcases have zippers and opens on the hinge that makes it very spacious.

The type of gym bag that you should purchase is based on what your needs are. The storage size in the gym, the distance that you need to carry the gym bag for, the gears that you have to pack and whether you want to drag the bag or carry it are things that you need to consider before you choose the perfect gym bag.


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