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Looking for Expert HIPAA Compliance Consultants?

By Florensloy    18 / Mar / 2017    In Category Business


In modern conditions of growth of external and internal threats, economic crisis and fierce competition in the market, owners and managers of heath care companies are looking for effective and economical ways of ensuring security.

HIPPA is the abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, such as medical, health records are stored electronically and transported. HIPPA is the standard for data protection and the safety of patients and their health records. HIPPA is a federal law, and that must be trained with patient records in a hospital, research center and other medical facilities.

If you also want to protect your patient’s private information, then EHR 2.0 can help you. We provide HIPAA Consulting and Compliance Services as well as training and tools for Risk Assessment HIPAA. The content of HIPPA training covers all aspects of privacy and safety in relation to patients, their health records, storage and electronic and physical transport records. The material covered in HIPPA training sessions uses examples in which the patient`s privacy is at risk and how to deal with it. The training covers the history of HIPPA, changes in legislation, which is about a patient who is entitled to rules of insurance information, with a quiz designed to test your knowledge.

Trainees learn the steps, techniques, and methods that every individual should know to prevent dangerous situations in health care organizations. The cost of HIPAA Privacy & Security Compliance training varies according to the organization and the level of certification you are looking for. To find out more about Security Risk Assessment Meaningful Use, please visit our website

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