Look Beautiful in Selfies through Botox and Eyelid surgery

By Drbolithomd    16 / Apr / 2018    In Category Health and Fitness


Taking selfies has become a massive pastime, and with photo editing, its not always easy to compete – but what about creating a real face that doesn’t need to be edited to the nth degree? One of easiest solutions to keeping your skin looking youthful is Botox San Diego. The other problem a lot of people have with selfies is puffy eyes or bags under the eyes and a solution for that is eyelid surgery San Diego.

Preventative Botox San Diego treatments can be started as young as 25, when facial wrinkles begin to appear while the face is resting. Everyone’s face wrinkles or puckers while they are animated, but it’s those permanent lines that you want to keep at bay. With Botox in San Diego, there’s no chance for those lines to be able to settle permanently on your face. You can also have regular Botox treatments for the rest of your life, ensuring that new permanent lines and wrinkles don’t form and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

When it comes to sagging eyes or bags under the eyes, this can be genetic or because of ageing. Women go through numerous body changes over their lifetime – from childbirth to menopause, not only can time and stress influence skin tone and body firmness, hormones also play a crucial role in the way your body responds to ageing. Hormones are responsible for the optimal development and growth of a multitude of body systems. Hormone imbalances may cause anything from viral illnesses to autoimmune disorders to cancer and other medical conditions. But, even if you have your hormones in check, your skin and body may still show signs of ageing. Both Botox and eyelid surgery San Diego are customised to your unique needs. With eyelid surgery, this will include deciding whether you need upper, lower or both eyelid regions to be addressed.

Its not always easy to keep up to date with social media trends, and with cameras becoming more and more clever as technology advances, we may find ourselves comparing our actual faces to a completely edited version of others. Instead of trying to hone your editing skills, its better for your self esteem to ensure you don’t have to edit your selfies – simply brighten up your skin and eyes so you can be your selfie.