Long Prom Dresses: The Chicest and Latest Trends of 2019

By Promdressesshop    28 / Jan / 2019    In Category Fashion


The fashion world is buzzing with the latest prom dress trends. So, if you are attending the prom this year, it is imperative to know the different chic styles of both short and long prom dresses that fashionistas are raving about.

Let’s see some of the ravishing prom dress styles that are gonna be perfect for you!

  • Off-shoulder

Also called the infamous “cold shoulder,” the off-shoulder dresses are a huge hit amongst today’s teenagers and college goers. In fact, those cut-out shoulders have taken the fashion world by storm. That’s why you can see such designs in both high-end boutiques and local dress shops.

Consequently, these have also become a favourite option for cheap prom dresses for 2019 because of their wide availability, popularity, and the elegance they carry. You can flaunt your gorgeous neckline and expose that delicate collarbone. This looks more flattering than strapless styles. You can also choose to go all boho with ruffled laces off your shoulder tops.

  • Long sleeves

Fashion lovers believe that 2019 will see a comeback of vintage romantic bridal gowns as a 2.0 version of two-piece long prom dresses. Its long sleeves give added coverage as well as sophistication. And, you can also become your own fashion guru by blending these two styles of cold and long sleeves to make your prom an unforgettable experience.

  • Dark colours

Want to know the colour that’s going strong from the times unknown? It’s burgundy. Cross your heart and swear never to forget that! This deep, elegant shade has become a universally flattering and easy-to-wear hue.

There’s another colour in this shade card – navy blue. It is eternally chic and works better in comparison to black, especially for paler skins. However, the colour is dark enough to complement dramatic formal attire.

Also, forest greens are breaking onto 2019’s scene, and this shade will help you to stand out at your prom night!

  • Blush pink

Even though it’s a stark contrast from the darker shades, blush pink is also topping the long prom dresses trend. This hue is also called the “millennial pink” that is an impeccable colour for the spring. It flatters both light and dark complexions. Laces or two pieces mermaid prom dresses are excellent wardrobe options for the event.

  • Go minimal!

The year will try to bring back the ‘90s chic minimalism as well. Subsequently, designers are creating simple and elegant styles that carry no fussy ornamentations. Choosing to accessorise your dress with your own unique taste will make your personality and aura shine through.

  • Velvet

If you want to look luxurious, then no fabric can exude that desire better than velvets. These materials are lusciously soft and have a luminous glow. This warm and non-fuzzy fabric is perfect for proms and holiday parties.

Wondering where to get these dresses?

The online showrooms are lining up their trailblazing and signature styles for all the prom goers this year. So, if you are tight on budget, or want the trendiest attire of this season, you can get cheap prom dresses from the numerous e-stores.