Live chat sales strategy

By Abigaylemark    31 / Jan / 2018    In Category E Marketing

Customers land on an online shop because they are interested in products or services of a specific category. However, they require that extra push to actually make a purchase. Here is where live chat customer support comes in handy. By interacting with customers and guiding them in the right direction, they are more likely to make a purchase. This is a live chat sales strategy that works wonderfully. It is good to know that business can always optimize live chat sales.

There are many aspects to take into consideration with live chat and if it is already implemented on the website, its efficiency has to be evaluated. This is part of the live chat sales strategy. Businesses have to assess how powerful and effective live chat really is, if agents are doing their job accordingly, if they are responsive and helpful and if they are prompt as well. Timing is very important; if customers browse through the website for a couple of seconds, it means they could use some help and assistance. Thus, timely invitations are sent to engage with a support agent on the chat.

They can write their inquiries and the agent is able to respond with the right answers. Agents need to convince customers about making a final purchase and avoid the situation in which the customer leaves the website. Businesses have to optimize live chat sales, because implementing the chat is merely not enough. Besides timing, live chat has to be user-friendly. Invitations to the chat need to be visible on any page, regardless of the background it has. However, they should not make it hard for customers to browse the website. Also, don’t forget that customers these days don’t browse just from their computers, but from their mobile devices as well. Optimizing live chat for smart phones and tablets is essential.

Aside from how live chat interface looks, if it can be minimized or not, how customers are notified and such, the tone of the agents and how friendly they are have to be considered. Live chat agents have to be properly trained and prepared to engage with customers, they have to introduce themselves with a friendly tone, ask how they can assist and they have to be professional and polite, in the same time. Communication is effective when phrases are short and when answers are given quickly. Customers can lose interest when they witness long pauses and when they see long texts.

There are very powerful tools that are appreciated by businesses, tools that analyze how helpful live chat is, how much time customers spend on the website, what they are interested in, what pages are visited the most and so. Based on this data, it is easier to present the right strategies and to train live chat agents. Advanced software exists and it comes in handy for all companies that want to increase their sales and which want to attract more customers and provide them the excellent experience they deserve.

If you want to optimize live chat sales, you have found the right resource. Live chat is a powerful tool and it has to be used wisely, so learn how to implement the right live chat sales strategy.