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Keep bugs out of your villa with these tremendous tips

By VritikaReddy    14 / Sep / 2018    In Category Home and Family


Nobody wants to find bugs in one’s sweet home. Be it an apartment on the top floor or an independent villa in OMR, finding bugs once in a while is inevitable. In that case, here are some tremendous tips for you to keep bugs away and out of your dream villa.

Check all your entrances and exits

Entrance is not just limited to the front door. It means all the entrances that bugs can access getting into your villa. Ensure you have all the doors, windows, walls and openings of the pipes are sealed devoid of cracks. If your villa is brand new and you just now happened to move in, then it sounds fine. But, what if it is an old house? You should probably make sure to check for cracks & holes that give bounteous of a pathway for the bugs to enter your house. If the place you live in has a pretty bad temperature and decide to leave your windows open, then add screens to the windows & doors.

Be wise in selecting plants

While most of the plants tend to attract bugs, some plants attract more than just a bug. So make sure you pick a plant whether it is for indoors or outdoors, know about it, make some research on that plant and decide on planting it in your garden. Ensure the plant doesn’t attract unwanted bugs inside your gate. Always use safe insecticides for the garden to protect your home from these unwelcomed guests.

Clean your home & take out the trash

Always keep your house clean and take out the trash. If anything spills on the floor and isn’t cleaned up immediately, then you are printing an open invitation for the bugs unknowingly. In addition, keep the trash cans clean and wash them regularly, say once in every month or is better if it is once a week. Clean and wash out places where you think bugs find its way.

Stock up safe insecticides

Most people don’t prefer insecticide because of its smell and chemical odour lingering inside the home. Though the smell lingers for a long time, bug insecticide works great too keep bugs at bay. If nothing works effectively, you can opt for spraying organic insecticides to get rid of bugs and smell as well.


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