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Innovative Direct Sales Tools

By Infotraxsys12    25 / Mar / 2019    In Category Computer Software

In order to fully understand the benefit of various direct sales software, it is important to understand how the direct sales industry works. Direct sales business model is one where there is direct communication between the seller and the consumer. For the high demand for the highest quality products and an increasing number of health and hygiene conscious people, this business model took place. Direct selling encompasses two business models i.e., single-level marketing and multi-level marketing. To achieve high success in such a not so common or appreciated model, an investment in analysis and use of the best suited direct sales software is also crucial.

Doing business can prove to be a very hectic and stressful job unless one has his plans ready to achieve his dreams and goals. Start from scratch. Decide on what dream has been had and what goal has been set. Plan the procedure and pattern that will pave the way to success and invest in direct sales software to achieve goals efficiently and effectively. Since direct sale doesn’t involve much human resource, everyday tasks are burdened on just one or limited human resource. Thus, it becomes essential to use certain direct sale tools and technology to do business without many hurdles as discussed below.

  • Cinchshare: Since direct selling employs limited human resource, it is difficult for them to operate on daily business activities and market their business products simultaneously. Cinchshare is a lifesaver and powerful selling tool that posts and comments on the official page of business on Facebook and Twitter and make mass organic reach possible. It also helps to organize live online events, schedules every event, and about business and its perspective.
  • Fiitfu: To dig a strong footing in the business world, customer’s satisfaction is considered the follow-up area. Fiitfu that stands for ‘fortune is in the follow up’ is a desktop and mobile web application that helps to keep check on client’s profile, orders, events, emails, grievances, et al. Its follow-up funnels and reminders help to keep track on the daily activities and grow in the market at great pace. It’s a bundle of services which pivot around client management.
  • Planoly: Instagram has become one of the best-selling business platforms but one needs to know how to engage mass visitors to his page. Planning the post in advance can save a lot of time. Planoly and Instagram walk hand in hand as planoly posts on Instagram the pictures and videos based on one’s business.
  • LinkTree: This is another amazing direct sales tool that makes Instagram accounts clickable. Whenever someone wishes to drive and direct mass towards their page or blog or mailing list which was not possible on one clickable link a business profile on Instagram. This helps to reach heights in terms of sales and traffic engagement.
  • Maven: Maven is an app that promotes social selling by providing quick product look-up and link sharing. This app is wonderful to keep track of past clients purchase and their contact details in one place. It streamlines purchasing experience by linking Instagram product-featured posts and tracking personal sales analytics and monthly sales goals.

Owning or operating a direct sales business calls for an investment direct sales tools and technology for better results. Direct sales software can help business leaders overcome a number of obstacles and increase their number of sales and satisfied customers.

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