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Importance of Deploying the Right Traffic Barrier for Safety

By Omwireproducts    7 / Feb / 2019    In Category Industrial


Safety on the road includes things like correct signposts and safety barriers in the proper places. When a vehicle is traveling at high speed, if there is no indication of turns or possible obstructions, it increases the chances for a collision or mishap. Highway crash barriers are otherwise known as Highway Guardrails. These are indispensable for the safety and protection of life and property on the highways.

Barriers made to actual road conditions

The use of crash barriers is governed by actual road conditions. For this reason, one must conduct actual testing using real vehicles before deciding on the type and size of the crash barrier to be deployed. The crash barrier manufacturers in Kolkata make sure they pass the test and conform to road safety standards before manufacturing and deploying the crash barriers.

Today, in India the number of road projects has increased and so have the standards. It is important to cater to vehicles traveling on these highways that go off-balance due to a variety of reasons and misplaced objects on the roads so that one may remain safe at all times. When one is able to assign enough leeway to prevent these accidents, the safety quotient on the roads increases.

Check for quality of barriers

One must check them as per the national and international standards like NHAI, AASHTO M 180, and MOST. Desirable qualities of crash barriers must include the following:

  • The manufacturer must provide end-to-end solutions.

  • Crash barriers must be easy to install and repair.

  • They must be cost-effective.

  • Level of safety must be high at all stages.

  • They must be made from high-quality material.

You can check with the Crash Barrier Suppliers, Exporter India whether they are maintaining quality and if their manufacturing process caters to the highest standards of road safety compliance.

Places of deployment of barriers

One must check for the various types of W-beam systems approved for Indian roads and pick one as per the prevailing road conditions. These crash barrier systems are deployed at many places such as bridges, hilly terrain, flyovers, road separator barriers, curves, high embankment, and roadside obstructions. Each deployment must undergo a thorough inspection before it is put into place.

The crash barriers must be placed at a sufficient distance from the road such that it allows the vehicle to bounce back to the road when travelling at speed. The material of the barrier is strong and resilient enough to suffer deformation and stay in place so as to guide the vehicle back. The placement of the barrier is such that the damage to the vehicle is minimal and there is no endangerment to life.

It is important to choose a high tensile strength and durable guard rail for getting complete protection from road mishaps. Improved systems offer a larger containment (as much as an increase of 58%) due to the use of improved materials and modern manufacturing methods. Containment barriers are used as grade separators and medians on four and six carriage roads. On racing tracks, they are used as race car crash guards. At airports, mines, and chemical plants, we use barriers to handle interior traffic safety.

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