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Implement The Onboarding System: For a Stress-Free Experience in Hiring a New Employee

By Staffingsoft    17 / Mar / 2019    In Category Computer Software


The new-age employee onboarding system is a great sigh of relief not only to the HR specialist but also to other departments in your organization in avoiding the mundane admin duties and focusing more on strategic tasks. The benefits of integrating technology with the recruitment process are several and in future company realizes that implementation of an applicant tracking system or recruiting software is completely worth the investment.

Before Onboarding System

Lots of small tasks need to be paid attention when you decide to onboard any new employee. Without the presence of any best onboarding system, the whole recruitment and selection process becomes a tedious and challenging process which includes many people and resources. Some of the time-consuming tasks are:-

Organizing meetings especially for the new hires and spending the time to print companies forms/policies that need to be signed as part of the new onboarding workflow.

When onboarding new employees, manually entering data into the computers, reviewing the collected data to prevent mistakes, and assessing new recruits individually.

Conducting orientation workshops and preparing training modules to impart teaching about firm objectives, policies, vision, mission etc…to the new hires.

The risks involved in such tasks increases quite high. The HR executive might lose some new recruits forms or might type wrong data while manually key in the systems. Even the new employee gets fed-up of the long onboarding formalities and can lose their interest in the company or project even before they begin working on them.

After Onboarding System

The companies no longer are required to read and sign more than 20 forms/papers as part of the standard HR onboarding procedures. Onboarding automation frees the HR staff from redundant tasks and assists in the collection and storage of new hire information more efficiently.

When the machine precision or software intelligence is integrated with onboarding employee process, the possibility of errors becomes zero. All the critical information with respect t employee data remains virtually locked in a secure database and out of the reach of any physical asses.

New employees are able to get training modules and other aid on time which help both employee and management to keep track of the learning milestones. An automated onboarding system makes the joining process of every new employee consistent and equal. The system shortens the time-period between the new recruits training and actually working on the project, this boosts-up the productivity of the new hires and keeps them motivated.

So, stop waiting and contact a right vendor of an onboarding system t learn more about the benefits of automating your hiring process and stand out from your competitors.

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